Brooklands (red zone) from above

pettal, Jun 14, 6:30 am

well done

stickman4u, Jun 14, 10:44 am


Hehehe. Comments.

Especially kees de joung's one.

astrophe, Jun 14, 12:35 pm

You lucky people. It looks gorgeous.

gillian25, Jun 14, 7:08 pm

Not so much now. Watched the video and the house we grew up in was on it but went out there last week and it is gone now.

unclewainwright, Jun 15, 1:02 am

Having lived in Brooklands for a short time (top end of Lower Styx Rd) this was quite a sobering video. Thanks for sharing the link pettal.

thebuzzyone, Jun 4, 4:35 am

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