Missing Kitten in aranui/wainoni/avondale area

ae86guy, May 31, 6:48am
My 4 and a half month old kitten escaped out the door early hours of wednesday morning as hubby was on his way out, I have dropped flyers in letterboxes, put them up in local shops, I have an ad on trademe, It would be great if anyone in the area could keep an eye out for him, he is missed so very much. He is microchipped and fixed.

https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/386944982.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/386944963.jpg

gypsy271, Jun 1, 10:03am
Can you give a better idea of where. maybe a street?

shortee2, Jun 2, 2:57am
Gorgeous, this is my area, will keep an eye out, maybe the street location would help.

harrislucinda, Jun 2, 3:17am
Hope you find him soon beautiful kitten

nz_nicola, Jun 2, 3:19am
You can put an add on Trademe for free in the pets, lost section, hope you find your furbie soon

ae86guy, Jun 2, 4:02am
He has been found :) I did have an ad up on trademe but took it down after he came home last night.

shortee2, Jul 20, 3:32pm
Awesome news. too cold out there for kittens.

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