"The Press" now $2 a copy!

doggybear, Jun 30, 2:22pm
Hate to see how much the Saturday paper will be.

craftylady1, Jun 30, 5:00pm
Havent been buying The Press for years. Used to trot down and buy one on a Saturday, but seemed to spend most of the time trawling through the ads, so gave up. FAR too much advertising.
Now I just read Stuff/Herald online

tygertung, Jun 30, 6:28pm
There used to be a 'Pick up the Press!, I wanna paper' advertisement on the radio, but I don't recall having heard it for years. Perhaps the two are related!?

golfaholic2, Jun 30, 10:43pm
Saturdays Press will probably be rounded to $5 .

Only thing it's good for is starting the fire

cassina1, Jul 1, 12:24am
But if you buy something from one of the ads that is on sale and you save more than $3 thats your paper for free. People who are not interested in advertising maybe have no problem with paying full price for everything but they would be the minority as junk mail would have stopped being put in letter boxes years ago. Advertising is good to see what is new on the market even if you dont intend to buy.

tygertung, Jul 1, 5:17am
I can't see how you save money by buying more stuff which costs money.
Do you not have a no junk mail sign on your letterbox?

samanya, Jul 1, 5:23am
It's been judged as the best newspaper in NZ apparently, but I tend to agree, they must be struggling now, with so many people getting their news elsewhere.
I still get it daily from habit . morning coffee is not the same without the Press ;o)

atlantis3, Jul 1, 8:06am
Their prices they gouge for the classified ads have killed off this once popular paper advertising for the general public.
If they made this a very cheap alternative a lot of people would use it.
There used to be pages of classified ads in the paper.
I know we have moved on to advertising on trademe etc but there is still a place for written ads.

drcjp, Jul 1, 9:08am
Its a rag like all mainstream firestarters. I honestly don't believe 50% of what I read in the Press - their not lying but I don't believe they are telling the full story either.

onzy, Jul 1, 9:45am
Just go on to the library website, you can read the whole paper for free each day.

william1980, Jul 1, 10:04am
Doesn't everything go up in price?

tygertung, Mar 11, 1:45pm
Cheaper to advertise in the buy sell exchange for classifieds.

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