Eqc letter asking for payment

i'm looking forward to receiving my demand for excess payment.

dianavan, Jun 13, 12:03 pm


are you of the belief that you are somehow not obliged to pay it?

jonners2013, Jun 13, 3:00 pm

why would that be, everyone has had to pay it, why would you be any different

robyn35, Jun 13, 6:47 pm

I don't know that I'd rush to pay it - if I had to. I think I'd be tempted to make them wait, jump through some hoops, and prove their request in triplicate like they do to us.

thankfully ours was paid by our opt out company :)

jamesnmatt, Jun 13, 7:00 pm

I'm not saying anything more,you two guys can make it all up yourselves,knock yourselves out.

dianavan, Jun 13, 9:11 pm

5* thread. would read again.

jonners2013, Jun 13, 9:17 pm

The letter said you have to pay an excess for each claim but if only one repair job is done why would you have to pay twice. I have already had excesses deducted on contents and land and I read if this has happed you dont have to pay building repair excess.

cassina1, Jun 13, 9:45 pm

Why not? Just because they could do both repairs at the same time doesn't mean it's not still "two claims".

astrophe, Jun 14, 9:59 am

And to those that purchased their property after the EQ's, but before repairs or payout, check your Deed of Assignment to check who actually pays the excess or excesses. My DOA states that the vendor was to pay the excess, not me, though it didn't stop EQC deducting the excess from my payout which took nearly a year to get it back.

nzmax, Jun 8, 3:15 am

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