If you need a Motel in Ch'ch.

korbo, Jun 3, 4:56am
I can absolutly recomend. Admiral Motels in Bealey Ave.
14 of us stayed there over the weekend, for a kinda family reunion and a big birthday. The hosts, Ricky and Rick are fantastic. Nothing was any trouble. The Motels are like little flats, full oven, warm, clean and spacious.
So, if out of towners (like us) ask where a good Motel is. that is the one.

survivalkiwi, Jun 3, 6:36am
Double glazed windows?
No block walls inside?
Decent seats to sit on to watch tv?
42 inch tv?
Full sky?
Easy access of street parking?
These are some of the things I demand in a motel.

korbo, Jun 3, 10:16am
Pretty sure the windows are normal,but the heating inside superd ,definalty NO block walls, real comfy couches, that we all fell asleep on and almost forgot to pick up the b/day cake.
Mmmm TV was large enough.
Not sure on the Sky, didnt turn the TV on. too much else happening.
Parking is around the back, out of sight of the road,
Our unit had a full size fridge/freezer and full oven and m/wave.
and ohhhhh. the bed was so comfy and warm.

korbo, Jun 3, 10:18am
#2. my daughters live in Blenheim, one near Witherlea, the other near Mayfield.

korbo, Jul 14, 2:06pm
Ohh. full size bath, and the shower had plenty of pressure.
Seperate toilet room.

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