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jon9, Sep 16, 3:39am

Am clearing out my wardrobe of quite a few clothes I no longer wear and am wanting to drop them into a mission box or similar. Does anyone know of any around the central city? I used to see them next to dairies etc all the time and Ive been looking but cant see them anywhere?

Any help or locations appreciated


lankylass, Sep 16, 3:43am
They are often to be found in the car parks of supermarkets. Perhaps the city Pack N' Save or Countdown might have one.
Or why not donate them to an OP Shop such as the Sally Army as you will know that they will help a good cause. Often the large mission boxes are owned by independent companies such as Savemart.

jane310567, Sep 16, 3:45am

Generally there are less clothing bins as people leave rubbish everywhere and owners of property end up cleaning it up - that happened with plunket. Can you take to city mission above?

makinmoney, Sep 16, 3:56am
City mission, The Salvation Army or Red Cross (shops) will all happily take your good condition (useable) clothing, small furniture items etc - and then you know exactly where the money from the sale of your items will go. Whereas with a lot of simple clothing bins most of the proceeds after your items are sold go to a private business (Savemart) - absolutely nothing wrong with Savemart, they sell some really good stuff, it's simply not the same as giving all the proceeds direct to good NZ charities

coralsnake, Sep 16, 3:57am
I was donating some goods at the 'dump' in Bexley when a couple of men came by to empty the clothing bins. They just took the bags out and sewed them shut with a big needle/thread so some items would definitely have been damaged.

I have heard they go to a company who sorts them for rags and then sells the good stuff [can't remember the name here in Ch'Ch]. If they are good items, I donate to a charity shop where they will have a chance of not finishing up as rags.

letitia, Sep 16, 4:20am
I usually take things to the Nurse Maude Hospice shops in Beckenham or Merivale, especially if they are still in good condition.

honest-reliable, Sep 16, 7:34am
there is a Red Cross clothing shop in Stanmore Rd and if you have towels and blankets the SPCA are crying out for them for the pets

slimgym, Sep 16, 6:59pm
take to vinnes they don't get much and are really appreciative. I worked in both sallys and vinnes The sally shop I worked at got so much stuff they threw bags out without even opening the bags to see what was inside. the staff at vinnes have to show the managers what they are buying before they buy it., Vinnes are very good to their customers

catfan, Sep 16, 7:17pm
Don't know whether this is still current but I checked with vinnies some years ago as to whether they sold on for rags because I wanted to know if they still got the benefit if I donated something that wasn't going to be attractive to customers. They said yes they did make that decision. I asked because I knew that op shop customers can be very picky. Now if I've got old stuff that I know is probably not going to be attractive to most people I just label the bags "rags only" to give them a heads up

honest-reliable, Sep 17, 3:14am
My theory is if I wouldn't buy it and it is not in good condition for myself why pass it onto these shops they have to pay for dumping. Do the dumping yourself - and not at the shops, in the rubbish.

kids4ever, Sep 17, 4:19am
there is one in Bealey Ave outside a dairy near fitzgerald ave

opencast, Sep 17, 7:15am
There's about four or five at the edge of the carpark in Merivale Mall, so you have a bit of choice.

opencast, Sep 17, 7:16am
I gave a whole stack of old towels and sheets to a panelbeaters - they use them as painters rags and were really pleased to receive them.

saskianz, Sep 17, 8:51am
There is one on Twigger Street outside the Plunket office on the road to Horncastle Arena.

rasin11, Sep 17, 9:53am
SPCA love old towels and jerseys for the animals.

catfan, Sep 17, 9:34pm
I'm sorry I obviously didn't make it clear in my original post that when I checked with St Vincent de Paul (as they were called then - this was a good few years back) they were happy to receive something that they could sell on to rag merchants because it still meant that they got some money out of it. I was not using them as a dumping ground.

gutlux, Apr 22, 4:22pm
there are also various free pages on facebook pages where people would happily take clothes.

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