Black Ice Tomorrow Saturday

bandit101, Jul 11, 6:10am
Wet roads. clear skies and cold temperatures are the ingredients for Black Ice. Take care

bandit101, Jul 11, 6:56am
Well that is good. I saw a few wet roads came home. Clifton Hill had a wet surface as well as the gallop. Roads in the shade will be damp and could have black ice. I often bike to work and always check the roads the night before I leave. When the roads are dry you can have a good frost but no ice.Clifton I think it is going to be frosty tonight. If there is a wind no problem

bandit101, Jul 11, 9:13pm
Definitely ice on Clifton Hill Heck of a lot at southshore

tygertung, Jul 11, 10:40pm
There was some small sections of ice I saw this morning when I cycled down to the supermarket for some milk. A bit weary now after falling off so many times a couple of weeks ago when it was extra icy.

schnauzer11, Jul 11, 10:43pm
That was one massive frost! I went to knock a hole in the doggie's water bowl this morning, only to find it was one solid ice-block. That's a first!

bandit101, Jan 16, 3:42pm
Ice outside mega mitre. Some of the workers were scraping it off

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