De-Ice cans

lil_tarnz, Jul 14, 2:54pm
do these actually work? what's in them? any particular brands?

sick to death this week of de-icing my windscreen, putting bucket back inside, coming outside and its frozen again!


tygertung, Jul 14, 6:06pm
Just bung an old sheet over the windscreen then peel it off to reveal frost free windows.

tomber, Jul 15, 2:50am
Someone suggested bubble wrap on screen, that seems a great idea and less rubbish in landfill.

steve198, Jul 15, 5:06am
Just buy a cheap car cover & all your windows will be crystal clear no matter how cold it gets.

pico42, Jul 15, 5:06am
Yes, they work and work well. The yellow prestone type cans.
But get expensive for everyday use.

fineo, Jul 15, 5:26am
Old sheet or tarp no problems.

helsbels2, Jul 15, 5:52am
I love my wurth de icer spray and yes it works, supposedly can perish wipers but I haven't had a problem and use most days. Quick squirt and all gone. Brillant. I used to use a towel but then back window and mirrors etc still needed to be done.

bosch2006, Jul 15, 7:26am
Cut a onion in half and rub over your windscreen. and you wont have frozn window in the morning

2bit, Jul 15, 10:43pm
Just spray it with white vinegar and it melts right off. Cheap as chips. and that's what your car will smell like, hey ho.

lil_tarnz, Jul 16, 6:39am
wtf thats a bit random lol!

oh_hunnihunni, Jul 16, 7:05am
Friend of mine used one of those de icer sprays, drove off and bang, windscreen cracked.

tygertung, Jul 16, 7:39am
After you use it on your windscreen you might be able to use it to make some nice soup.

melonhead1, Jul 16, 7:52am
They work, they're best saved for when you're desperate though. The main ingredient is Methanol which does what salt does, only its less corrosive for your steel.

andrewcg53, Jul 16, 10:09am
Put a towel over your windscreen at night, the frost will settle on the towel and take it off in the morning and you have a clear windscreen

marte, Jul 16, 10:33am
I have seen in a few Canadian/american movies where they have a large suction cup thing that sticks to the inside of the windscreen.
When the cars frozen over they get in and re4move the suction cup and theres a clear 'porthole' to see thru.

I have never seen them here in NZ. it probably wouldn't work, here the police will fine you for not having every window clear and see thru.

Plus, the locks freeze up anyway, cannot get the key in to unlock the car and the doors rubber seal freezes to the door frame anyway.

tygertung, Dec 23, 3:07pm
Methanol is extremely toxic so be careful with it.

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