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rasin11, Jan 22, 10:02am
I'm looking at a few options at the moment and have been thinking of these builders. I haven't heard much about them. Does anyone have any experience with the company please?

mytime2shop, Jan 22, 10:20am
We are building with Jennian Homes dealing with Steve and I would recommend them 100% - All the best with your new home

bobwyn, Jan 23, 6:16am
I gave Orange homes the plan of my old home and showed them the changes we wanted for our new one and we wanted it bigger they drew something completely different and smaller than the plan I gave them and after mucking around with them and 2 or 3 other companies. I went with a builder on his own that not only built the house but did the plans too he had his own hand pick subbies too . he showed us the price to build it how many hours it would take gave us a time line and any changers we made there were no penalties just what it cost to do it. we are very happy with our 540sqm house complete all its extras and were only possible because the builder only had a van and tools not a big flash office for you to pay for aswell. he came in well under any building companies I went too.

kiri6, Jan 23, 7:05am
Built with them a year ago and best experience. Highly recommend. People who came to our house all commented on the finish

tara-j, Jan 23, 7:29am
We took our own design into them a couple of years ago and they drew up plans and built it exactly as we requested. We would definitely recommend them.

tjs641, Jan 23, 7:31am
Who did you use bobwyn?

supersapper, Jan 23, 7:44am
Orange Homes been around for at least 20+ years so a well established firm.

bobwyn, Jan 23, 7:44am
Brent Beswick he also did a granny flat for the inlaws too hes a great guy but a busy one too.

info25, Jan 26, 8:41am
We had orange homes build our home a few years ago, Highly recomend them , every thing went to plan easy to get on with as we did a few minor changes, nothing seem to be a problem and they finiished the build on time.

urbanlife, Feb 1, 1:00am

martin11, Feb 2, 7:40pm
Different company did their house and the original owners also worked on the place also , and it was a bad architectural design .

supersapper, Feb 2, 7:48pm
I thought it was a bit disingenuous of Greg Orange to say it was a "different company" back then. I thought that the original company was started by his father and then he just continued it on and he's been the boss for about 25 years? So although the company name may have changed slightly I think the main players are still part of it. I could be wrong of course.

martin11, Feb 2, 7:57pm
A lot of leaky homes are the result of poor design and the builder cops the blame not the architect or the Council Building Inspectors which is where the fault lies . Also the building codes have had approved many items which after a few years have caused problems , some are now not allowed under the new codes and some construction methods have changed fro the better .

urbanlife, Feb 2, 8:16pm
You seem to know a lot about it as you have commented on the design of that particular house.
A company search might clarify things on the other point.

martin11, Feb 5, 3:23am
This is what I did not like from the article ::

"Orange Homes, says there were several other parties involved in the building of Bennett and Hollobon's home, including the original owners who did some work on the house.
"The house in question was not designed by Orange Builders. It was architecturally-designed by an architect. The builders built to the design."
The building was erected by sub-contractors."

That was quoted in the article and confirmed by the owners .

nicki5, Feb 8, 3:55am
So Orange homes built a leaky house then closed that company to avoid being held responsible, opening again under a slightly different name and people still build with them?

supersapper, Feb 8, 4:58am
No I wasn't implying that at all nicki, just that the main people were involved in both companies as far as I am aware so really not two different companies at all. But I also think that martin above has valid points in that the original owners as well as the architect have as much, if not more, responsibility than Orange Homes in this particular instance but with leaky homes no one accepts responsibility - not the architect, not the council, not the builder.

shannie1998, Feb 8, 5:15am
When I built I sent the plans out to 4 builders /companies.
There was a $45000 difference between the cheapest and dearest quote.
Orange was the dearest.

In the end I went with a builder who work for himself who did a fantastic job. He came via friend recommendation.

lucystarbuck, Feb 12, 9:41am
We are rebuilding with Orange at the mo and they couldn't be better. We are build virgins but have done our research. From the initial sales meeting thru the planning and now to the build it has all (touch Oregon ) gone to plan so far. Our Project Manager keeps the lines of communication open and they use the Buildertrend app to keep us up to date with the current schedule. We can see when each job is due to start, when it's started and when it's completed. Great service. Go talk to them. They have some great open plan designs and the show home at Prestons is gorgeous.

redphoenix3, Jan 9, 11:05pm

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