Water presssure

suka, Apr 22, 12:07am
is basically non-existence, noticed this in the last few months.
Anyone else?
I don't know what I can do about it either, any ideas?

mggd, Apr 22, 1:26am
The council is obligated to provide a certain volume of flow ( for fire fighting) I don't remember the numbers, ring the council for a start.We had a stone in our pipe that was a result of road & water supply works near were we lived.

wayne416, Apr 22, 3:51am
If a newish house check the filter at the mains tap, not the one at the street, probably in the wall in the garage behind a cover if its part of the house. Asked a plumber if it should be cleaned a few years back, he said no unless you notice a drop in flow.

chatsmom, Apr 22, 4:06am
Ring the council and see if they can test from the street.

suka, Apr 22, 5:22am
Def not a new place.
I will ring the council/

mm12345, Dec 10, 12:47pm
Check also that you haven't got a leak between the water meter and your house - by making sure all taps in the house are off (and cisterns full etc), and looking to see if the meter is still turning over. While you're at the meter, make sure someone hasn't inadvertently shut off the tap/valve to your house. (it happens - especially when water meters may be side by side near the street, and street numbers not marked clearly on the lids).

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