Fletchers no show

atlantis3, Jul 29, 5:29am
Anyone else not getting replies from Fletcher after contacting them on line (and also phoning)
Their auto reply says they will get back to you within 5 working days -- still counting and now into double figures ( I have phoned them since also and still no reply from them).

fordy1110, Jul 29, 10:04pm
they are shutting up shop or may have already closed for good.

bobin55, Jul 30, 2:21am
they are useless go to RAS and start the ball rolling

sport_billy, Jul 30, 9:33am
They have not shut up shop. They are based in the Deans Ave Central office. Last time I was in there in June they had many (read over 1000) claims still on their books.

granny98, Jul 31, 1:13am
Fletchers are doing a good job, Its the contractors that they are employing who seem to have no work ethics!

jamesnmatt, Jul 31, 1:26am

You do realise Fletchers is more than just EQ repairs right? Shutting up shop would mean the end of things like Fletcher Construction, Brian Parry Civil, Pipeworks and Piletech for starters.

the fact that their EQR arm is inept and hopeless does not mean the entire company is shutting up shop or "gone for good"

fordy1110, Aug 2, 11:35am
I was told by numerous people they were not doing any more eq work ok.

kletis1, Aug 3, 11:18am
Bahahahaha oh bahahahaha, what planet are you on Granny 98.The contractors merely do as they are told.Oh I did need a good laugh. Fletchers are doing a good job. oh pleeeease!

bookmart, Aug 7, 8:01am
What is RAS?

honest-reliable, Aug 7, 8:17am
I have joined your party, I needed a good laugh tonight. "Fletchers and Good Job" in the same sentence, it cannot happen. I'm in line with the Ombudsmann

david_270, Sep 27, 3:31pm
A bit like "EQC and honest assessment". Hilarious.
The Kelly case made fools and liars of EQC's "experts".
Grants Shands newsletter about it:

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