Help, please. LOTS Of smoke down the road.

goatchickens, Jan 24, 11:12pm
Everyone, thank you so much! I will know what to do in future. The fire stills smoulders, and apparently will do till it burns itself out, which may take weeks, given how large the compost piles were. Fire brigade is monitoring, so that's good, they're on to it!

goatchickens, Jan 19, 5:49pm
We live rural, so have volunteer fire brigade who attend. there was a fire they attended at a commercial compost making place up the road from us, 2 hectares involved, and were not able to put out the fire entirely, and it's been smouldering now since Sunday. Smoke has picked up over night, very hazy outside. Anyway, what I really want to do is find out the 'status' of the fire, in case we end up having to evacuate. I rang the local fire brigade number, but as it says in the phone book, the number is 'unattended'. Wondering why they have a phone number, actually, if it's not attended. I hesitate to ring 111 as I don't know if it's an emergency or not, and I don't want to tie up the lines. anyone have any ideas? Cheers.

milo134, Jan 19, 6:02pm
What about the local Police station? And do you need somewhere for some of your animals? I'm on the LSB forum with you, and we would happily help.

goatchickens, Jan 19, 6:06pm
Also no answer at the local one police station. Bit of a worry. we've lived here over 10 years and never needed to know, and now need to know and don't know where to find the answers! That's very kind of you milo134, may take you up on the offer if we do have to get out of here quick. have room for 100 goats? 8 )

astrophe, Jan 19, 6:13pm
Your local council.

goatchickens, Jan 19, 6:22pm
They are closed for another hour at least. I was going to ring them first thing when they open, though. Only thing I can think of. Thanks.

golfaholic2, Jan 19, 6:43pm
Ring 111 , and let them determine what to do . it's what they are paid for

-weasel-, Jan 19, 9:38pm
Or *555

bosch2006, Jan 19, 10:41pm
Whats the word

l0ne, Jan 19, 10:43pm
My hubby is a volunteer fireman. Ring 111. It is what they are there for. Get it sorted sooner rather than later

chrise73, Jan 19, 10:45pm

Ring 111

goatchickens, Jan 20, 12:03am
Thanks for all the replies, will know what to do for next time (and hopefully there is never a next time! ). By around 8:30, it had dissapated a lot, and I read a post to another thread about smoke that the Oxford fire had been reported on news as still smouldering and would do for several days. it is a very unpleasant smell! But much of the smoke is gone now.

stantonfield1, Jan 20, 7:50am
111 is to report emergencies not check on them! If you need to evacuate you will be warned.

cinnamon_celia, Feb 4, 12:42pm
I used to work in a care facility, that was on the edge of pastoral land. the farmer next door burned a huge pile of branches & rubbish, over the space of 3 days, out in a paddock. when he thought it was burned right down, he hosed it for a couple of hours. then went away for the weekend!

A few hours later during the night a wind sprung up, & I noticed that the small pile remaining was glowing red again.
I was concerned as in dry summer grass, only a small windblown spark could turn into blazing fire within seconds. & I was solely responsible for 5 disabled adults.

I phoned 111 & explained the situation & she got straight onto the fire brigade. I did point out that I may be over reacting, but she told me "better safe than sorry".

The fire brigade arrived & spent all night until 7am, watering it down. they said it could have been quite serious.

Always phone 111, even if in doubt!

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