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joy196, Jul 26, 8:40am
Have you had any experience with this company for your mortgage?

shazza34, Jul 26, 9:03am
Yes we have two mortgages with them, we also have 3 friends who also use them all happy. All have different brokers as well.

ryanm2, Jul 26, 9:07am
We used one of their consultants for our bridging mortgage - hassle free. Their rates are often .5 higher than what a bank can do but the consultants demonstrate how to make your money work for you. You get the debt nav software too which must help some people.

xxsaffyxx, Jul 26, 11:28am
I "think" it works with them. however, since getting a mortgage with them earlier this year I have still to sort out their app. They have arranged for my mortgage to have some credit from the interest I have in my other separate accounts. It says I have xxx amount of funds available yet I've had 2-3 unauthorised overdraft fees ($15 each) and for the first time ever in my live my credit card balance didn't get paid off at the end of the month.

Looking on the app it appeared I had plenty of funds in there for that everything, but apparently what was "funds available" and actual bank balance are two very different things. I found out the hard way and I've had a $60 sting of interest on my credit card because I missed this payment. Never ever had that happen before.

Off to see my rep again this week to work out why it is so confusing to interpret!

jill5, Jul 29, 9:35pm
We use them and have found them brilliant. Always quick to get back to us regarding any queries. Have a great personal banker as well.

moodybleu, Jul 31, 1:37am
I've been with them for about 12 years and the system really works. Pays of your mortgage way faster than any other type of loan. Nz'ers have been conned for decades with standard type mortgages. Unless you ask your bank for a fast track mortgage they won't tell you about. I would highly recommend NZ Home Loans but you do have to be careful with your credit card. It has to be paid off at the end of the month or the system will not work for you.

ryanm2, Oct 14, 1:32pm
There is no conning by the banks - if you know how to work your money and be diligent with spending you can pay off any mortgage quicker. Some people see mortgages as rent though with no incentive to pay it off quicker.

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