Are there any Farmers markets

during the week does anyone know? (As opposed to the many ones during the weekend.) Cheers!

vintage_betty, Jul 8, 5:51 pm

Ohoka market on Friday'

alphadave, Jul 8, 6:03 pm

Love Ohoka market! I'm on holiday this week & it was the first thing on my 'to do' list for Friday.

pommie777, Jul 8, 6:14 pm

is the night market at Bush Inn still going?

jonners2013, Jul 8, 7:32 pm

no unfortunately we loved the food

slimgym, Jul 9, 12:51 am

yes me too.

jonners2013, Jul 9, 11:14 am

Are there any (week or weekend) near Hillsborough that anyone can recommend?

b-rowdy, Jul 9, 1:46 pm

Opawa Farmers market at Steiner School, Sunday

wanderer52, Jul 9, 4:18 pm

There is a weekday market over Aranui way, near the Marae, I think., Jan 30, 2:29 am

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