Oh No - Snow forecast

mm12345, Jul 17, 7:19am

tool_shop173, Jul 17, 7:25am
It WONTsettle on the ground in Christchurch!

golfaholic2, Jul 17, 7:48am
5% chance of a couple of inches to sea level . but things can change fast with these events

puddles11, Jul 17, 7:58am
Metservice is only forecasting sleet showers for Christchurch in the weekend, so at this stage it just looks set to be a repeat of what we got last week.

treecave, Jul 17, 8:46am
and I bet its the same result. again.

brightlights60, Jul 17, 8:53am
3rd or 4th time lucky? The moment we get complacent, bam. Always pays to be prepared. Just waiting the delivery of our first big gas bottles for the new hot water system, yay!

craftylady1, Jul 17, 5:52pm
doubt we will get any snow this winter

bosch2006, Jul 17, 6:30pm
Wont happen

golfaholic2, Jul 17, 8:20pm
Forecast has changed , snow's canceled but this could change again

2bit, Jul 17, 10:42pm
The Port Hills will see a few flakes, and the rest of use will be disappointed. As per usual.

lugee, Jul 17, 10:52pm
Move to Canada if you want snow that bad

2bit, Jul 17, 10:59pm
I've come from Canada! Over there the forecasters tell the truth!

craftylady1, Jul 17, 10:59pm
I wont be disappointed if there is no snow. Would be stuck indoors if it snows, as the snow would become a hazard for me

traykuku, Jul 18, 12:07am
You think the forecasters lie . seriously nobody could be so stupid as to actually think that.

treecave, Jul 18, 12:37am
probably meant as a bit tongue in cheek.

lugee, Jul 18, 12:37am
They do here too. I've not seen a forecast this year so far that actually said Christchurch WOULD get snow. The only times I've seen them say Christchurch WOULD get snow is twice in 2011 and once in 2012, and guess what? Christchurch DID get snow, and a significant amount in all three cases.

And it's not hard for it to seem like they're always right in Canada when it actually does snow in most cities dozens of days a year.

fineo, Jul 18, 4:56am
No worries it won't be much.
We put snow straps on after the couple of big dumps a few years back.
Had no snow since.
Dam they are working well

xxsaffyxx, Jul 19, 9:36am
I understand that NZ is in quite a volatile place and at the mercy of many elements. Suspect it would be quite a challenge for all meteorologists to get it right all the time. It's future forecasting, so they don't have a crystal ball. Personally I think they do a pretty good job myself.

bosch2006, Jul 19, 10:32pm
Like i said.

2bit, Jul 19, 10:49pm
That means precisely f@#$ all.

tool_shop173, Jul 19, 11:23pm
Why do people want snow? I think MOSTwant a day or 2 off work and thats about it.

treecave, Dec 13, 2:40pm
no. its just the novelty I think.

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