Attention jessie

I have been asked to post this message to you jessie 981

" Thank you so much for your interest in the events and activities of The Friends. We have checked our database and as far as we are aware have no one we can attribute your user name to. If you would like to identify yourself to we would be most happy to ensure you are sent our twice yearly newsletter which lists our events correctly. Although we may have sent out reminders about our events some years ago when our mailing list was small, this has not been part of our practice for some time. As I am sure you are aware we are all volunteers. The series of tours the Friends are running as part of Heritage Week this year are on the Heritage Week website and ours Our tours require booking so that our volunteer time can be used effectively, Richard's don't. We are always looking for pro-active people with time to spare and ideas for improving our efforts as self-appointed guardians of Linwood Cemetery so to help us at Board level please contact us to register your interest to join us. I look forward to hearing from you soon so we can make sure you are always included in relevant e-mailings."

goldclan, Jan 18, 4:43 am

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