Terrible smell of burning in Waitikiri

tobie2, Aug 7, 2:19am
What is causing the terrible smell of burning in Waitikiri / Parklands area?

kerry22, Aug 7, 3:03am

tobie2, Aug 7, 3:23am
Very helpful smart ass !

mouse265, Aug 7, 4:27am
You may have to go look see

vintage_betty, Aug 7, 4:36am
Apparently the Burwood landfill is on fire.

kids4ever, Aug 7, 5:02am
gosh the smoke is really strong smell , had to just shut my windows and i am in Linwood/ gloucester st area, where exactly is Burwood landfill?

tobie2, Aug 7, 5:47am
Its in Bottle Lake forest up by Burwood hosp

ozz1, Aug 7, 5:58am
nice come back.

kids4ever, Aug 7, 9:40am
gosh the air so smells of that fire, very strong, open the door and peeped out a minute ago and OMG, its in the house now

gaspodetwd, Aug 7, 9:02pm
The smoke was hanging in the air and we visited Belfast yesterday and it was so smoky! We wondered what it was.

fineo, Aug 7, 9:15pm
That stock pile is going to take some time to put out , if its in the middle.
Last time I was in there it was a good 20 plus meters high.

tobie2, Aug 8, 6:49am
A real glow in the sky tonight from the fire, will take a while to burn out I reckon.

likit, Aug 8, 9:04am
It smells like this every cold night in Chch because of dam logburners.

golfaholic2, Sep 18, 4:34pm
Smells like that due to toxic chemicals in the wood that's burning . much of it will be treated , counter to what was in the media yesterday

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