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Just looked at the forcast. 3rd time "lucky" (or unlucky) for Christchurch? Now we know what will happen, we will be so sure they get it wrong again we will get a big dump one of these days! Next Saturday looking pretty grim too.

brightlights60, Jul 4, 5:51 am

I only see sleet in the forecast for Tuesday. Metservice is predicting a snowy day next Saturday, although frankly I don't care about that one - weekend snow days are of no use to me.

puddles11, Jul 4, 6:00 am

Im in Culverden are predicting snow for us from Tuesday night to friday morning. eeekkkk

jojo76, Jul 4, 6:15 am

Believe it when I see it

craftylady1, Jul 4, 6:50 am

I sincerely hope the snow falls somewhere where skiers can benefit from it - but nowhere near me.

calista, Jul 4, 7:07 am

Wont happen

bosch2006, Jul 4, 8:49 am

agree wont happen

xstiteher, Jul 4, 9:36 am

Third agree won't happen

nicsta4, Jul 4, 9:52 am

this is what we want - a lot of people thinking it wont happen - then its a given that it will happen

bergkamp, Jul 4, 9:55 am

snow ahoy!

lucky.gadgets, Jul 4, 12:05 pm

It would be nice for the kids school holidays. We are on our last at the tail end of highschool. And the husky cross dog is on her last legs (lymphoma, although in remission after chemo) and she loves the snow. Bring it on. (dusts off snow boots).

brightlights60, Jul 4, 12:19 pm

The met boys say its a long way out til then so could change

craftylady1, Jul 4, 6:25 pm

Saturday has now gone from 'snowy' to 'fine with light winds'.

puddles11, Jul 5, 2:57 am

It may not happen overnight but it will happen.

richynuts, Jul 5, 3:02 am

Hope not got grand kids arriving and need to take them back home Wednesday

harrislucinda, Jul 5, 7:13 am

I am so fed up with these reports of snow, polar blasts and hype, and what do we get . just a 'normal' winter storm. And thats exactly what will happen next week as well, I think this is the fourth or fifth time this year, and its only the start of July

stillwaters, Jul 5, 8:49 am

It only snows when it has NOT been predicted (guessed) by the weather forecasters.

And when the weatherman predicts snow, it never eventuates.

Bring back Jim Hickey and Toni Marsh, because they were never wrong!

intheoneone, Jul 5, 10:24 am


bergkamp, Jul 6, 2:57 am

Well the forcast is looking good for snow here in Chch Tues, Wed and Thursday.

brightlights60, Jul 6, 3:55 am

Which forecast? All I see is "few sleety showers" for Tuesday through to Thursday.

puddles11, Jul 6, 3:59 am

No mention of snow. As #20 said. sleety showers

craftylady1, Jul 6, 4:21 am

1 meter of snow for you.

mephismeltdown, Jul 6, 4:52 am

craftylady1, Jul 6, 6:06 am

Cool, now its "official" its bound to snow.

brightlights60, Jul 6, 10:47 am


craftylady1, Jul 8, 1:33 am

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