Anyone in Chch not getting Al Jazeera on Freeview?

paulmc, May 3, 12:45pm
I get an "Invalid Service" message on my Freeview TV on channel 16 in Chch. I used to get Al Jazeera ok and still get all other Freeview channels ok. Has been a while since I have tried to watch this channel so not sure when it disappeared. Anyone else in Chch had problems with Al Jazeera?

jonners2013, May 3, 8:08pm
I never had it on satellite, which is a shame as its a great channel.

badaz_red, May 3, 9:21pm
Propaganda channel that's for sure

fineo, May 4, 12:39am
What as opposed to BBC,NBC,SKY.TVNZ.
Good for seeing the other point of view.

spyware, May 4, 1:28am
Live stream in HD on youtube.

jonners2013, May 4, 5:59am
nonsense. probably the best 24hr news channel available anywhere in the world.

shortee2, May 4, 8:05am
am still able to receive it, live in ChCh eastern suburbs, yep channel 16. maybe you need to retune, instructions are on,

paulmc, May 6, 2:30am
Thanks. They must have changed their frequency recently. A re-tune picked it up again.

doggybear, May 6, 4:22am
We can't get it as we have satellite. I would love to be able to watch it!

schnauzer11, May 6, 6:17am
I do wonder how much of it you've watched! An excellent channel.

turq, May 6, 8:11am
One of the best channels on freeview. Unbiased reporting and great docos.

kellypchch, Dec 1, 1:06pm
and who owns them?

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