Does anyone know where we can buy old kitchens?

from 1930s to 1970s even? Christchurch? Ashburton? We in rakaia

jessica21_nz, Sep 23, 8:56 am

put a message out in your local area Facebook buy and sell

waikeewonder, Sep 23, 9:11 am

salvage yards

jonners2013, Sep 23, 9:18 am


noely3, Sep 23, 9:50 am

auctions on trade me have them

granny98, Sep 23, 10:51 am

Yes, Liz at Musgroves could help with info, but it's unlikely they have any. I remember Liz telling me that she keeps a look out for them as she has buyers on the West Coast that are trying to do a retro house. At least the really old one have some appeal, rather that the worn ones from the 80s that get offered to salvage yards.

sumstyle, Sep 23, 10:52 am

Try The Pumphouse in Tuam St (between Olliviers & Mathesons)

huia991, Sep 24, 5:37 am

Thanks everyone :-)

jessica21_nz, Mar 27, 4:29 am

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