In the news about satellites being launched here?!

gaspodetwd, Jul 9, 7:26pm
From Birdlings flat. Apparently it's been chosen for commercial satellite launches. But I'd never heard of this, have you? They'll have to build roads and buildings there. Some satellites are nuclear - but we have a non nuclear treaty. And won't that destroy our toursim even further? I'm so confused - and why isn't this in the main news?

robyn35, Jul 9, 7:37pm
it was on one news the other night, also reported in the Press

gaspodetwd, Jul 9, 7:45pm
Wow. I missed that one. Aren't people bothered about the impact on the environment?

mm12345, Jul 9, 7:57pm

They're not going to be "nuclear". Of course people are worried about potential impact on the environment. The company has lodged resource consent applications.

gaspodetwd, Jul 9, 8:07pm
Ahhhh. That is different from the way the tech news overseas put it! Thanks for the link. I'm still pleased I don't live near there though;-)

pico42, Jul 9, 8:10pm
1) They won't be nuclear powered, as per our law.
2) It would be a tourism attraction, not destroy tourism.
3) Roads and building are surprisingly common nowadays.
4) It has been reported in the news.
5) Resource consent is required. If necessary, public submissions will be called for.

fineo, Jul 10, 2:12am
They are not NASA size rockets they are talking about.
Launch pad the size of a tennis court.
Good idea in a great location,should create a few jobs and greate a few dollars for the local area.

tygertung, Jul 10, 9:08am
Would it not be more efficient to launch closer to the equator. You use less fuel as the rotation of the earth gives you a benefit. I suppose the distance from Christchurch to Cape Reinga is not that much and not worth worrying about perhaps.

I just checked and the difference from the North Pole to Cape Canaveral (28.5°) 0.3% is a energy savings so not much, so maybe don't worry, just build a lighter rocket.

jamie2016, Jul 10, 10:01am
I would be more concerned if it was just another way of the G.C.S.B. to track our every movement?

brightlights60, Jul 11, 9:06am
gaspodetwd wrote:
Ahhhh. That is different from the way the tech news overseas put it! Thanks for the link. I'm still pleased I don't live near there though;-)[/quote

lol, have you seen the size of them? They could go off next door and you wouldn't know it.

jessebird, Jul 11, 9:32am
What can we do?

brightlights60, Jul 11, 9:52am
I think you need to have a look at the article on line, these things are tiny, there won't be any "impact on the environment". You are all thinking Nasa sized spacecrafts lol.

slimgym, Jul 11, 7:00pm
remember the snails guys, the environmentalists lost alot of ground there, red faces all over the place

golfaholic2, Jul 11, 8:19pm
I surf cast along that stretch of the coast , and for a good period of the year , the fire risk is INSANE .
Not the best place for these activities IMO

jonners2013, Jul 11, 9:15pm
i think you are spot on. all the perpetual complainers just see the word 'rocket' and get all dramatic and fire up their usual anti government/anti establishment drivel.

tygertung, Jul 11, 10:38pm
I think all the single occupant cars causing traffic jams are having a much greater impact to the environment

bigbadfun, Jul 11, 11:16pm
Yeah - well they're probably going to consult your expertise in the area any moment now.

brightlights60, Jul 12, 6:37am
Um, have you seen the article (u-tube it). There is no risk, these things are tiny. I think you have been watching too many Apollo movies.

mme, Jul 12, 10:00am
Canterbury University have been using the same area to launch rockets for some years. I'm a greenie & even I think it will be fine.

briantamaki-god, Jul 12, 8:00pm
impact on the environment?
yes im concerned as well
that's by lake ellesmere and forsth isn't It? both pristine lakes

golfaholic2, Jul 12, 8:52pm
You obviously haven't been out there , I would not even let off old sky rockets (fireworks) beside the sea .
A failure or whatever could easily set off a major event anywhere along the coast
21kms of tinder dry straw like grass , some areas incredibly difficult to access re firefighting
We aint talking about sandhills akin New Brighton beach

Im sure there are far better places than the spit

astrophe, Jul 12, 9:41pm
Perhaps they won't be using it at that time of the year, for that reason?

There's already a smaller rocket launching pad there.

Didn't notice, didja?

planespotterhvn, Jul 13, 12:12am
There is also an airstrip halfway along the spit, and there are already vehicle tracks and buildings. Waihora and Waiwera are NOT pristine lakes and could do with a bit of investment.

planespotterhvn, Jan 12, 3:30pm
the Equatorial track is fairly full so an angled satellite track can be appropriate.

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