Next to No Input On Rebuild

smf6661, May 18, 12:30pm
How can a builder put in for a permit when we have had next to no input on what is to go into our house.We are a set of two ownership flats the people in the front have all there plans etc & signed off on them on the 4.5.& we havent heard a thing,they have picked out there kitchen,bathroom etc but not us.We were meant to move out at the end of the month but thats been delayed now.We didnt even get to pick the cladding or the outside colours there decorator picked them out.I received some advice from the Eastgate Hub which proved the PM was lying big time so they moved the demo date to next month.I thought building a new home was meant to be happy for those involved but I wake up every day wondering & dreading what lies I will here from those involved in it all.

janbodean, Nov 24, 1:08am
That is absolutely ridiculous. When there are multiple units involved I.e. more than one you are supposed to have equal input with the other owner. You need to reach agreement on what is being built and the finished exterior colours etc. The interior is more personal and can be jigged to suit each owner. If I were you I would be in touch with my insurer to find out what is going on.

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