Sellers please

zoopa, Apr 26, 11:21am
I'm sick of people asking when it IS in the auction

kayakforsale, Apr 26, 11:28am
Apologies if I'm telling something you already know, but if you click on the name of the seller you can see where they are.

lambrat, Apr 26, 11:44am
same apologies as above . if they have any, i look on both seller's most recent sales and current other listings to see whether somebody else asked the question.

rocklover, Apr 26, 11:32pm
I think they mean area within a city. For example if the opposite side of town to you postage might be cheaper than running your car, but if on your way home from work, perhaps pickup is viable.

catfan, Apr 28, 8:45pm
I respond with a plea. Bidders please read the auction :) I put the pickup in my payment options ( cash on pickup from . ) as well as putting it in the body of the auction and yet I still get asked where is pickup? TM could help by providing a standard dropdown box to either select or insert the actual suburb or area

bobcat51, Apr 28, 8:58pm
Says Christchurch for pickup . lot of km's between Templeton and Lyttleton so would be nice if sellers put the area . I recently picked up an item that said Christchurch city to find I had to go to Governors Bay. If you want buyers then a general area would be nice then people wouldn't have to ask. Something I will do from now on . Lesson Learned .

janbodean, Apr 28, 9:06pm
Good one . Wish more would do so because like you we have gone miles for things that we have won when the listing said Christchurch city. I don't class Lincoln or Southbridge as Christchurch city and find it incredibly frustrating to have to pack a picnic when I set out to pick something up.

handyanj, Apr 28, 10:13pm
Don't be frustrated, enjoy the outing.

zoopa, Apr 28, 10:14pm
I had free delivery in Chch on an item once. Ended up the other side of Governors Bay. Bugger

astrophe, Apr 28, 10:18pm
Be careful with "Free delivery in Christchurch". The entire Banks Peninsula is "in Christchurch".

smoff79, Apr 28, 10:34pm
yes chch is a big place we live out rangiora way and so it is a good drive to say cashmere but that is still in chch. I have learnt to ask what suburb or area for pick up as buying a bargain for $10 turns into something much more expensive when you have to drive an hour to get it.

zoopa, Apr 29, 2:13am
Yea, only did it once. Now it's the "local chch area. Outskirts, please ask for a price"

astrophe, Apr 29, 2:25am
What's the "local" Chch area? My local area is different to yours, probably.

poggy, Apr 29, 2:26am
I always put the suburb for pick up in the body of my auction but still get asked. I have recently shifted to Rolleston and was amazed that Christchurch City is still the closest area for my membership - would have thought Rolleston or Selwyn would have been an option. You can only select from the options given so I make sure I put pick up in Rolleston so there should be no surprises.

jessebird, Apr 29, 8:21am
It tells you the city, not the suburb.

zoopa, Apr 29, 10:01am
Probably, but then if you live on the outskirts, you would know it was outskirts. I could say central, but that's a bit too CBDish'. We all think differently though, and usually have not an inkilng others interpret something in a way that never crossed our minds. So long as I don't get asked if Dunedin is considered outskirts lol

spunkeymonkey, May 1, 5:10am
as another trader said it tells you the city not the suburb

spunkeymonkey, Dec 4, 11:04pm
oh that must be me I do that I ask what area for pick up and duh it in the auction then I write back and say oops sorry i not read your auction properly

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