Christchurch Star Map

bandit303, Sep 6, 6:42am
In LA people sell star maps showing where local celebrities live. Who would be on a ChCH 's star mat. I suggest: Simon Barnett, Jerry Brownlee, Jason Gunn, Haley Westiner, I have sort run out of ideas Can you suggest some. Surely we have some!

stojo, Sep 6, 6:52am
Jack Tame's mum

tygertung, Sep 6, 11:40am
I thought that the Christchurch Star was a newspaper?

deerhurst, Sep 6, 12:00pm
I think Hayley lives overseas for a start.

Gary McCormick?

jonners2013, Sep 6, 7:19pm
Half the ABs

bandit303, Sep 6, 7:42pm
Is that all we have got? Some rugby players and Gary McCormick. God forbid. That star map is looking tarnished.

jonners2013, Sep 6, 8:23pm
meh. it's not Hollywood. people don't come to ChCh for 'the stars'. That's one of the things I like about the place - by and large it's just relatively normal people going about their lives, less pretentious than a lot of places.

dannyboy24, Sep 6, 10:53pm
i think you maybe missing the spirit of the thread

bandit303, Sep 6, 11:04pm
I feel it reflects ChCh's lack of cultural facilities etc. Theres nothing here to encourage stars to live here. All the millions of dollars spent here and we haven't got anything; The centre of the city is like a bomb site. Why would stars live here. Theres nothing here for them.

stojo, Sep 6, 11:22pm
Don't loose hope bandit. We still have our stars we just need to think a bit harder. Is Scribe still kicking around here?

junie2, Sep 6, 11:26pm
Me too - please explain. What is the point of this thread? I'm sure there are a few people to admire in Chch, but honestly, why do we need to know where they live?

bandit303, Sep 7, 12:38am
So we can drive past and admire them more. If you're lucky you might see Jerry's jocks on the line

jonners2013, Sep 7, 12:51am
ahhhh. you know a thread is great when you have to further explain it to people :)

bandit303, Jun 1, 2:21pm
Why the aggro enjoy life

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