Kids eh?

family007, Aug 25, 5:40am
Coming home tonight I saw two school kids trying to cross the road. So I stopped and let them cross.BUT the little SHITS decided it was funny. One hopped across the street in front of my car while the other one on his bike opened my back door kicked the car and laughed at me. Gave me a hell of a fright. What the hell are we teachings these kids? They would have been no more than 8 years old. I parked up and went to give these cretins a piece of my mind. Wonder what they'd tell their parents?

mbos, Aug 25, 6:03am
I dunno, but I know what I'd be doing if I found out my two had been such antisocial, arrogant, idiotic, pathetic little toerags. . . what's more, they know too. . .

survivalkiwi, Aug 25, 6:18am
What do you expect living in Crimechurch. A smile and a wave?

jonners2013, Aug 25, 6:27am

survivalkiwi, Aug 25, 6:38am
It was not asafe place 30 years ago. It was bloody terible 15 years ago.Why would it be safe now.

family007, Aug 25, 6:50am
Well survivalkiwi, what would you do? I do have a cricket bat in my car. I tell you if they were my kids, their arses would be kicked till the middle of next week.

survivalkiwi, Aug 25, 6:58am
I would not do anything. I think the fact that you got away shows how lucky you are. Some of these little poops can be vary dangerous.
When we lived in Lytleton there was a kid called thomas who use to undo the cover of my ute and cause trouble for local shop keepers also
I found out the hard way that it was best to ignor him,
Reaction is what these little shits want.

mbos, Aug 25, 7:02am
Thank goodness you left survivalkiwi. I'm sure you're much happier where you are. Personally, I find Christchurch as safe as anywhere else I've lived, and not a terrible place 15 years ago, nor today. I guess it's all in the personal experience. Which may perhaps be informed by personal attitude and behaviour - who knows. . .

kids4ever, Aug 25, 7:10am
survivalkiwi, you lived in Lyttleton, thats not christchurch, its another world, lol, went to Benhiem once and what an unsafe horrible place

jonners2013, Aug 25, 7:11am
He undid the cover of your ute? Well, I certainly don't blame you for fleeing ChCh then.

I've been mugged once in the country. It was in central Auckland. Clearly that means the place is unsafe and everyone should leave immediately.

jcmp21, Aug 25, 7:12am
Neighbour had his car damaged by a group of teenagers (probably 14 or 15) while it was parked outside his house, he jumped in the car and chased them, then confronted them, they took off. By the time he got home the cops were waiting for him telling him he's looking at abduction charges and they're going to "make a note" of his behaviour.

kids4ever, Aug 25, 7:14am
what a load of bull you talk, that means no-one is safe anywhere as far as you are concerned, go and crawl under a tree, in a remote island

family007, Aug 25, 7:54am
It certainly gave me a fright today though, especially when the little kid opened the back door!.
Next time I'm gonna run faster to catch these kids.

survivalkiwi, Aug 25, 8:03am
In Chch.
We had our house burgled twice,
One car stolen.
Assults in town one night because I looked and smiled at some youths.
Multiple burglaries at my business
My sisters house burgled 5 times.
Three of my mates houses burgled.
Brother inlaws boat broken onto.
Ripped off by two clients (both property developers)
15 years in Blenheim and nothing. We dont even lock our door most of the time. You can keep Chch.

mbos, Aug 25, 8:52am
You did have bad luck!
I think we've been burgled in the house once.
Garage (another house) once.
Never been assaulted (had some concerned youths give me a ride to my friends, multiple times, bless them)
I wouldn't know about mates houses etc, that's their issues, not ours. I think I've heard a grand total of one talking about being the victim of a property crime.
Not been ripped off, except for by a property remover and EQC repairer - not going to blame the city for that.

I can remember a few exciting times in Blenheim - not in a good way.
Same in the Golden Bay and West Coast areas.

Certainly wouldn't bother tarring an entire area or writing it off due to a few incidents.

They happen everywhere.

But thank you. I'm happy to keep Christchurch. And you keep on enjoying Blenheim.

Each to their own, eh?

family007, Aug 25, 9:39am
Sorry to hear you've had a few rough times. No one really escapes them either in chch or elsewhere.
Me assaulted in my own home
Partner attacked answering front door
Partner hit by some drugged up kid
Garage broken into twice
Burgled twice
Curfew checks on daughter
Fights in street outside our house
Cars smashed.
Can happen anytime anywhere
House egged
Graffiti on fences.

babylak, Aug 25, 10:42am
You must be associating with the wrong type of people.
Worst problem I have encountered in 25 years was my car stolen off the street - I am sure Chch isn't the only place that happens

ryanm2, Aug 25, 6:55pm
Ever heard of Sarcasm?

jonners2013, Aug 25, 8:07pm
Evidently not.

I award them bonus points for missing the point so spectacularly.

kids4ever, Aug 25, 10:20pm
we have lived hear nearly 50yrs, nothing safe as

moodybleu, Aug 25, 11:24pm
Just kids being silly. that's what kids do!

nightsky1, Aug 25, 11:48pm
It is what naughty children do. Their parents haven't taught them to behave properly and to respect other people and their property.

blb71, Aug 26, 12:52am
Not any kids that I know of.

family007, Jul 11, 4:23pm
I hadn't stopped in the middle of the road, so the label of silly twit is not called for. I was pulled over to the side of the road.
I was being polite these were young kids, what would you do mmm?, you do not know the street layout I was driving along.
These kids are also the same kids that have caused similar problems in our neighbourhood (so I found out).

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