The latest Drone look around the City

fineo, May 1, 5:21pm

jonners2013, May 1, 7:17pm
A great sign of the lack of pace of the central city rebuild - only 3 large cranes. What little progress is being made is painfully slow.

xmakara, May 2, 10:33am
^ Urrrm, I counted 11 there today.
And I don't know why you expect things to happen unrealistically fast.

jessebird, May 2, 11:13am
True, after all this is NZ.

neverfear, May 3, 2:39am
I go through town often and have seen so much changing. I love to see these views from above as you can see so much more. On Met service they have a webcam that looks out over the CBD and if you fast forward through a day there is a lot of activity

karmarh, May 3, 4:14am
Not a big crowd in at the old AMI Stadium. They say The World Ploughing Championships are going to be held there. Tickets on sale at Tiki Tech for a grandstand view.

tiny15, May 3, 7:28am
things are probably moving faster up in auckland (building more houses)

tool_shop173, May 3, 8:32pm
couldnt view a thing, was taking too long to load

bigbadfun, May 3, 10:03pm
Hi folks - Jared from Helicam Pro here. If anyone else has any location suggestions, we are looking at expanding this project in future. We are already planning Hagley Cricket Oval, QE2, Brighton Peir, would appreciate any other suggestions to include.

david_270, May 3, 10:39pm
Somewhere around Shag(ged) Rock would be interesting.

bigbadfun, May 3, 10:42pm
Good thinking, what height location - we're thinking about 50m above the clifftops to see where those demolished houses once were, and looking down onto the rock and containers along the road?

cassina1, May 3, 11:42pm
Lyttelton would be a good location to try.

stickman4u, May 4, 12:01am
Godley Heads

xmakara, May 4, 5:44am
Perhaps Wigram?

cabrio1, Dec 2, 4:02pm
So true, houses going up near us faster than you can believe. Dozens and dozens every week just on my way to work.
Recently went to chch for the first time since the quake and was amazed at how little was going on.
We are all hearing about the great rebuild, afraid I didnt see any evidence.
Still more to pull down! Holy moly it's been YEARS.

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