Sunday Marathon

Let me just clear up a couple of things. It wasn't just "in the city" where the problem was. The marathon clogged up the routes around the outside of the city too. Fitzgerald Ave was actually closed to southbound traffic from Bealey Ave, forcing people to go through the city or to get jammed down London Street. There were no clearly marked detours. I myself got confused and stuck in traffic for a good 40 minutes. I just wanted to go around the city, not through it. It was an absolute nightmare and the only people to blame are the event organisers and the person who signed off the traffic management plan. The public are not at fault.

puddleduck00, Jun 4, 4:28 pm

Sunday Drivers! funny thing is what do I get disrupted by the most everyday on my way to and from work? Cars! they hold me up & block my path. The marathon was not causing the congestion the cars were. Think about this. you aren't stuck in traffic you ARE TRAFFIC. Just think if you were to reduce car traffic by say 2/3rds it would have been much easier to move the traffic through the course of the marathon essential motor vehicles could easily be moved through to the hospital etc. It's not the event organizers letting us down it's these individuals who are so important they have to unnecessarily drive through town on a sunday on the one day of the year the great Christchurch marathon is on. 5000 people running & walking down moorhouse ave fantastic! Would like to see 5000 cars try and do the same thing

stojo, Jun 4, 6:16 pm

Part of traffic management is managing the traffic that will be around during the event. Telling the road users they shouldn't be there because it's unnecessary isn't going to solve the problem.

I had nowhere urgent to be, I was just driving to my usual spot to go mountain biking. Does this make me a Sunday driver? I was very annoyed and confused at the lack of detours. I'm sure if you ask any of the other road users they would probably have a destination in mind and not just aimlessly driving around because it's Sunday.

Nobody wants the event stopped - the organisers just need to put in some clearly marked detours and plan it better!

puddleduck00, Jun 4, 6:40 pm

I'm not sure how 5000 cars are going to walk down Moorhouse Ave, but anyway.

jcmp21, Jun 4, 6:43 pm

Well, yes, the thing is, the city belongs to everyone - it was not closed to traffic, and people do have their places they must go, or want to go. . . hopefully the organisers can get their sh*t together next year, if it continues, to a little more realistically and co-operatively accommodate that. It's up to them, after all, to make it work, they're the ones undertaking to do so.

After all, one of their own rules was "You must keep to the left side of the road and give way to traffic at all times, unless advised otherwise by marshals or Police."

They can't simply rely on everyone realising there's a marathon on and so they oughtn't go to Church, have their latte, go to work in the radiography department, break a leg, or have a baby on that day. . .

mbos, Jun 4, 6:49 pm

gosh , of all the threads on here, you are the only one that makes any sense, my thoughts too, hope all the moaners have a good read at your quote and pull their heads in, thankyou stojo :)

kids4ever, Jun 4, 7:13 pm

I just feel people too often become prisoners to their excessively large vehicles. I don't know your circumstances but why not try riding to your usual mountain bike spot? or try others closer by when big events are on in the city. The marathon isn't the only event that has caused problems recently with the cricket and sparks in the park etc. Remove some of the cars and buses will get there faster, a few people walking, using bikes or mopeds even better. Personally I believe electric bikes could be the future. Sure cars will be necessary for some but it would make getting around much easier especially when there are these fantastic events on in the city.

Letting 10 cars past the marathon course would be a lot easier than 30 rocking up together. The organizers of the event have already acknowledged they have a lot to take away from Sunday as I'm sure many of those not involved in the event will as well

stojo, Jun 4, 7:59 pm

Well, the organisers have to deal with the reality of the traffic to manage, rather than what they'd like to see happen, or what they think ought to happen. And PARTICULARLY when it comes to dealing with emergency vehicles, people in emergency situations, and critical personnel trying to get to work.

mbos, Jun 4, 8:02 pm

Management and planning. Not participants and marshals.

astrophe, Jun 5, 5:44 pm

Simply because Christchurch is extremely dangerous for riding, hence why I'm a mountain biker and not a road cyclist. But that's another issue. Plus I cannot bring myself to wear lycra.

You simply cannot block all arterial roads without providing a suitable marked detour. It doesn't matter if whether anyone should or shouldn't 'be there. The fact is that life doesn't stop just because of a marathon (and nor should it). The organisers need to deal with *reality* not a fictional idea that people will somehow avoid main arterial routes through and around the city because somebody thinks they shouldn't be there.

puddleduck00, Jun 5, 6:08 pm

Spot on.

graybeard, Jun 5, 6:18 pm

or behind closed walls so the "amateurs" weren't in full view of the people who only like to watch the "elite" athletes! Runners got stopped doing the city to surf to let traffic through, as a runner i didn't see it as a problem, I don't know why they didn't do the same for the Marathon?

mrsv1, Jun 6, 6:24 am

Because unlike the city to surf, the Christchurch Marathon (an 1/2) are official events, properly timed, internationally recognized and actually doubled as the U20 1/2 marathon national champs. It would hardly be fair to those runners they got stopped to let cars through.

sustainable_sol, Jun 6, 7:54 am

Fair enough, I guess its hard to keep everyone happy. :)

mrsv1, Jun 8, 6:40 am

Perhaps you think that Christchurch is extremely dangerous to ride in because people like you are driving cars making the perception worse that it is dangerous to ride here due to all the car traffic. If people just rode to their biking spot there would be heaps less traffic and therefore safer.

If you are riding your bicycle on the road you don't have to wear lycra, you can wear whatever you want. The regulation states that you must wear a helmet, not that you must wear lycra.

tygertung, Aug 12, 9:15 pm

What a weak argument. MTBers should ride to their biking spots to make the roads less congested and safer? I guess the cars you see with bikes on the back make up a significant percentage of the traffic on the road. Oh wait.

It's not just the quantity of traffic on the road that makes cycling in Chch unsafe. With the lack of cycling infrastructure in Chch, I would impede traffic flow more than a vehicle in many spots. "People like me" can choose to drive because people like me pay for the roads.

My argument wasn't even about me anyway. It was about traffic management around large events. You cannot block main arterial routes without providing adequate detours.

puddleduck00, Aug 12, 10:03 pm

Holy thread dredge.

sw20, Aug 13, 4:53 pm

They're only blocked for cars, not for bicycles who can go anywhere that people on foot can go. The traffic jams, congestion and other road hazards are typically caused by single occupant vehicles such as cars and vans.

tygertung, Aug 13, 5:59 pm

I reckon!

astrophe, Aug 13, 6:51 pm

I can't see how going mountain biking is so much safer than riding on the street? I have been injured plenty of times in the 40 odd times I've been mountain biking but have never been injured in all the years I've been riding on the road and I do 15000+ kilometres a year on the street.

tygertung, Aug 13, 7:28 pm

I don't really know what your argument is to be honest. No offence or anything. Just not sure what we're discussing.

puddleduck00, Aug 13, 8:36 pm

Because falling off your bike on a dirt track that doesn't have cars, trucks and buses is safer than falling off your bike in traffic. Once again, now sure what we're debating. My debate was about lack of detours.

puddleduck00, Aug 13, 8:38 pm

It has only been pointed out that when it is busy and there will be lots of traffic you should use a more effective means of transport so you can slip through with little disturbance i.e. Riding your bike

stojo, Aug 13, 11:37 pm

I noticed a bit in the paper the other day how much money the race brought into CHCH in that weekend, trying to make excuses for having it in CHCH city again, leave it at the airport. As someone else said while they are running they are not looking at the scenery. They still have to stay in motels and eat at restaurants

slimgym, Aug 14, 4:24 am

I looked at the scenery heaps during. The preferred course for the runners is the city one

stojo, Aug 14, 7:23 am

That's cool but it's not about whether I can ride my bike on the road or not. It's about the fact road users need to use the roads regardless. I hope they can learn from it. I think the city is for everyone, so I don't have a problem with it being held there. They just need better traffic management.

puddleduck00, Aug 14, 9:05 am

I do.

The winners of these types of events are probably hard-focused on what they're doing, their pace, and a number of other aspects of their own run, and not the scenery.

This event, however, is also a "have a go" level event, where lots of people jog along enjoying the scenery, the event, the feeling of running amongst a large crowd.

astrophe, Aug 14, 7:03 pm

I want it stopped. Any event that decides people running around the streets is more important than people getting to the emergency department can sod off.

jcmp21, Aug 14, 7:56 pm

quick somebody call the wambulance!

stojo, Aug 14, 9:59 pm

I think you're being a bit overly dramatic here. If someone is that badly injured you're not going to be taking them to hospital in you're own private vehicle are you? You would call an ambulance.

tygertung, Aug 15, 6:42 am

Don't bother, a bunch of joggers won't let it get through anyway.

jcmp21, Aug 15, 7:05 am

No vehicles got through. Private vehicles, ambulances, nothing. Wouldn't have made a difference.

astrophe, Aug 15, 9:00 am

did they have there flashing lights and siren turned on?

stojo, Aug 15, 9:09 pm

There were also hospital specialists on call who were on call that couldn't get to the hospital - A radiographer and an anesthetist. There was also a woman that was in labour who was blocked from getting to the hospital. The race marshals wouldn't let any of them through, even when told about their situation.

Even the event organisers admit it was a failure, so I'm not sure why you're defending it.

puddleduck00, Aug 15, 11:28 pm

Most of the marshals looked like what you see standing outside WINZ offices

jcmp21, Aug 16, 10:30 am

No. As far as I am aware, there were no actual medical emergencies requiring ambulance siren and lights at that time.

I do believe there was an ambulance transporting a non-emergency patient that had to wait, though.

astrophe, Aug 16, 10:53 am

I think there was a guy with a broken leg being transported via a private vehicle. That could turn serious in a short time.

jcmp21, Aug 16, 11:17 am

Often the marshals at these type of event are rotary club volunteers who in return receive a donation to go to charity. Often these types of people look "rougher" than those who put more time into themselves.

stojo, Aug 16, 12:17 pm

That's it though, I read about it I read about staff not being able to get to hospital with it in sight! couldn't they park up and walk there. It's not necessary to park right outside the door all the time.

I don't think it was a failure but I'm sure it will be much better next time as it sounds as though meetings between the organisers, council and ballantynes have gone well. I'm more defending the use of the course, having this special event in our great city and getting stuck into those who fail to adapt to the conditions

stojo, Aug 22, 4:22 am

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