Paino player in christchurch for funeral on Friday

motherof41, Feb 17, 8:33am
We are trying to fing a piano player for Friday morning.Two hymns only.Does anyone know of someone available for hire

honest-reliable, Feb 17, 8:38am
contact Spreydon Baptist and they maybe able to assist you. 338 4163 it is now called South West Baptist. Ask Sheryl on reception if she knows anyone that can help out. All the best, and sorry to hear of your loss.

mcnic, Feb 17, 8:47am

xxsaffyxx, Feb 17, 9:00am
Where are you having the service? They may have contacts.
Hope you can find someone. I used to play for so many funerals and weddings when I was part of a church. Think I was given a donation about three times only. Could have been rich! Sorry, no longer available for you.

darcii, Feb 18, 12:02pm
Debbie Maples is wonderful

joburger, Jan 18, 9:57am
What funeral company are you using? That's their job, not yours.

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