Pak n Save Moorhouse - Deli food, funny taste?

puddleduck00, Mar 15, 12:46am
Has anyone else noticed a really funny taste in all of Pak n Save Moorhouse's deli-made food. E.g. the Bombay Rice, cous cous and pasta salads. I can't vouch for other Pak n Saves and it could just be me, but I only taste it from Pak n Save deli foods.

It tastes a bit like the smell of a Styrofoam coffee cup (if that makes any sense). I'm just curious if it's just my taste buds - so don't take this as gospel that their deli-food is laced with something! It has been an ongoing thing for a few months.

shortee2, Mar 15, 4:01am
Have you mentioned this to the Deli Service Food Manager?
I'm sure they would like to know, you are having a Taste Issue with their products. I don't buy Deli stuff, but if I was having Taste issues, I would mention it to the Store Dept concerned.

puddleduck00, Mar 15, 6:02am
I wanted to check here first. It could just be me.

gymee1, Mar 15, 6:14am
But you say its been going on for a few months Tui any one

puddleduck00, Mar 15, 6:32am
What are you getting at?

oldy1001, Mar 15, 7:11am
Most of the salads and premade salads including the rice and egg ones,come premade in thick sealed plastic bags from suppliers.that could be what you are tasting.

puddleduck00, Mar 15, 7:30am
That could actually be it.

kids4ever, Dec 31, 4:56pm
I shop there every week, the only problem I have had, was last week, I got some coleslaw and the girl had to go out the back and get a new bin of it as they had just run out, so thought that's good, nice and fresh, but we couldn't eat it as had a funny smell as well as taste, purchased at night, and went to have for lunch next day, so threw it out. The only other problem I have had and quite a bit is their icecream is always soft. I did ask them about that as I reckon the icecream freezer isn't at the volume it should be, and I was told, its because its left sitting out too long before being put in the freezer, weird excuse too me as I find it soft on a regular basis and I take one from down the middle.

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