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golfaholic2, Aug 24, 5:17am
Well , surprise surprise , not is all as it seems .

Ran into a cocky who is affected by the venture , and he told me some disturbing things .

John Key spent some time there a few months back , opening it from the sounds of it . this is before the effected neighbours were even consulted, with the consent process is still happening .

Seems Key , the CCC and others are pushing this through without any public consulation at all . Bob Parkers name was also mentioned

Its backed by US $$$ , NASA and Silicon Valley were mentioned. its Auckland based , and will see road traffic increase drastically .
The area is environmentally sensitive , yet someone has done the impact studies and concluded it "should" have minimal impact on widelife . this was done under the assumption the odd launch would happen , when plans reveal a push towards over 100 per year .

Forget planning to fish along that stretch of coast , security guards will be closing the beach and access road for hours at a time , with those times pinned down to a 5 day launch window .

A local farmer is pissed to say the least , he will be kept from his own land for extended periods , and with health and safety issues to consider , will find it near impossible to plan and instigate shearing etc . no mention of compensation .
Word is very few jobs will be created locally , with profits heading offshore , or at best , north .

We are being shafted once again .

cammey, Aug 24, 6:36am
I wouldn't be too worried. They haven't launched anything yet that would scare a high flying bird. IMHO it has all the hallmarks of a hyped up fizzer.

jcmp21, Aug 24, 6:51am
How long until Dalzeil tries to sell it.

fineo, Aug 24, 6:57am
Land claim coming soon

moby, Aug 24, 7:04am
Wait for all the tree huggers and nimbys to crawl out of the woodwork now someone has decided to do something innovative with that bit of godforsaken dirt.

jefrys17, Aug 24, 7:09am
It would be fantastic for cycling if they tarsealed that whole spit. Will the rocket site at the tip of the spit, or the base ?

martin11, Aug 24, 7:10am
At least some one is finally going to do something useful along the narrow strip of wind blown shitty land and even though it has had a launching pad for rockets on it for many years it is now going to be developed into a major attraction .
Wonder if they will advertise launches like they do at Cape Canaveral and we can go and watch . Would be exciting to see .

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 7:41am
It would martin , for the first few times , then it would become "meh"

The farmer cant drive fence posts for fear of disturbing Maori burial ground , he cant let his sheep roam into the environmentally protected areas , yet as soon as $$$ are involved its "who cares" from the powers overseeing those issues .

Screw the rights of the land owners huh .

If it was to create wealth and jobs for the region , and the land owners ALL compensated . the wildlife issues monitored and managed , and fire safety issues met , then sure . but this whole thing is being handled as is typical of a National Govt .

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 7:43am
About 8kms from the main road . so a few km's short of half way .

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 7:47am
ECan have already signed off on the project .
It's going to go ahead . these aint piddly fireworks , or university plebs playing with toys . they are launching satellites into space for the Yanks .

How long before spy satellites are sent up ? and we become a target for terrorists ?

martin11, Aug 24, 7:54am
The site is creating about 200 jobs for the region and it is actually on land that required a coastal permit to occupy

cammey, Aug 24, 8:00am
Thats what they say. I think they will be lucky to get out of the backyard.

The best in the game are the Russians or the Indians. Chinese next, Yanks a distant glimmer of hope with Europe and the other also rans.

This project will be filed behind the Monty Python videos in the comedy section.

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 8:01am
The project would and could be far better run along the coast a tad , south of Rakia , where it wouldn't impact but 1 farmer who could be compensated easily .
Access would be far easier .
You will find the jobs will be short lived on the whole . that figure would be via some creative accounting

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 8:04am
I seriously doubt that . the consent process is fairly well advanced .
It's happening .

cammey, Aug 24, 8:09am
The consent process just tells us that they will get a consent to show they are hopeless.

In the unlikely event that they manage to do something that the real experts can't do, the real experts will just do it too.

But the most likely outcome is they will spend a small fortune working out why the Indians or Russians aren't offering the service.

bigrichie, Aug 24, 8:18am
"ran into a cocky" - that is all

captaingraham, Aug 24, 9:44am
I surf cast along that stretch of the coast , and for a good period of the year , the fire risk is INSANE .
Not the best place for these activities IMO


golfaholic2 (0 ) 8:19 am, Sat 11 Jul #14
Conflict of interest here.

david_270, Aug 24, 10:31am

retroqueen1, Aug 24, 5:45pm
I'm a Greenie tree hugger and I approve of this, the research that these rockets will project into space will teach us more about how to protect our planet. Science is good.

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 6:13pm
Just "interest" . there are many many other areas I fish .

The public needs to be made aware of the shonkey going on out there .

golfaholic2, Aug 24, 6:16pm
It's my understanding that Kiwi ingenuity is behind the low cost launchings , add the fact the Southern Hemisphere launch advantage and it all becomes very cost effective .

I have many reservations about the way it's all being handled . especially when many other viable sites are being ignored

planespotterhvn, Aug 24, 10:13pm
Apparently the launch pad is just the size of a tennis court. Depending on the direction of the flame trenches the rocket blast should be directed over the sea or the lake. Hope they can get approval. Jobs for Canterbury.

fineo, Aug 25, 12:11am
Great site, low impact on the local area.
These are Not the dam great big things fired off by the yanks.
Good luck to them and those who are able to get a job from it.

jonners2013, Aug 25, 6:33am
what makes you think other sites have been ignored? do you honestly think that when an entity is spending a considerable amount of money, that they don't fully investigate all viable options?

planespotterhvn, Aug 25, 11:18am
Resource consent.
200 jobs for Canterbury?

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