Went to the craft and cake show to-day, if you are

going I suggest warm clothes, you have to line up to get in, only two people serving, so wasn't quick, and you end up lining up outside, we stood so the door stayed open, got through the queue quicker then. No signage you go up the side wheelchair entrance

Second thing while the cake demonstrations were done, the music was so loud it was hard to hear the lady talking, from what I heard they were asked to turn it down but wouldn't/couldn't.

The cake demonstrations were great, lady doing the demonstration was lovely. The show is a lot smaller this year.

slimgym, Aug 15, 10:30 am

we went bout found it more of the same things not as good or big as others w have been to

crash01, Aug 15, 9:28 pm

It's a shame to see the demise of Dunkleys. Always used to go there . Would like to go and have a look at this new one, but might have to forgo it this time

craftylady1, Aug 16, 12:50 am

It is well worth going, picked up hard to get cake decorating items at discounted prices. By the time we left just after 12 it was only a small queue to get in. Avoid the cafe around lunch time, nice food but only 1 person on the till, had 20 minute wait to get served. Once inside it was quite warm. Seemed much better than the old craft shows, very friendly and informative stall holders. Only had 2 hours to spare, could well have stayed there for double that.

katalin2, Aug 19, 2:08 pm

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