Flood risk - EQC and Council differ in opinion.

jambee1, Jan 22, 8:00pm
We are in a liquefaction prone area and Flood risk area according to the council. The council have extended the area recently to include our property-I think this was thru the annual plan.

EQC are settling our land claim and have now said we are not in a flood risk area according to them- and that they differ from what the council define as "flood risk" area.

This sounds a bit odd - surely they would use the same references to decide on these matters?

EQC will not change and the council will not change. has anyone got any ideas as to what we can do to get this settled please?

bigrichie, Jan 22, 8:24pm
campbell live perhaps? This is ridiculous - how can there be two sets of criteria - either it's a flood risk or it's not. No wonder Chch people are getting frazzled. It just doesn't stop.

bigrichie, Jan 22, 8:26pm
The first step is, if they have not already done so, request EQC's position on the matter in writing and ask them to validate their claim based on current law, regulations, criteria etc in that written statement. Often when asked to put things in writing they quickly change their stance. good luck.

daddymojo, Jan 22, 9:27pm
Hi, CCC and EQC use different criteria to rate the flood risk, so they are both right in their own ways.
EQC look at the change in flood risk on the insured property (ie the 8m halo around the house etc) that is due to the earthquakes.
CCC look at the risk of flooding in events, and also over time from climate change etc.
So they use completely different ratings as they are looking at different things. It's hard to explain briefly, but hope this helps

jambee1, Jan 22, 9:39pm
Thank you for your help
I will request eqc reasoning.
And thank you for explaining the councils ways.

jambee1, Jan 22, 9:41pm
The council did say it was because we are close to the river,so in the event of a earthquake we could have a flood from the river

william1980, Jan 23, 8:54am

jambee1, Feb 5, 7:18am
Appreciated William

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