Wigram Road Cones

lil_tarnz, Jun 11, 11:21am
some A**hole seriously messed with the cones tonight, couldn't bloody drive down there at all! grr

buyit59, Jun 12, 6:57am
Vary annoying but don't you think the number of road cones around is an overkill ! The large number of them allow the idots to be "creative" and place them all over the road. if the nimrods had to walk more than 2 metres to collect 5 road cones you wouldnt see as much hassle.

lil_tarnz, Jun 12, 11:10am
i don't even understand WHY there are cones sometimes, like the ones that used to be down curletts and they would move from one lane to another during the day!

bitsy_boffin, Jun 12, 12:14pm
Err, because the road changed from 2 lanes south and 1 lane north in the morning, to two lanes north and one lane south in the evening. The cones separated the flow so people didn't have head-on crashes every day if they didn't know which direction the lane was at that time.

Now that the road has been "widened" to 4 lanes people can probably just smash into the back of those who park in the left-lane outside of the clearway hours. I think it's a recipe for disaster myself, should just be permanently no-parking.

kay34, Jun 14, 6:31am
We have had them outside our place for a month - no work going on, at all.! the person who invented them is very very very rich! lol

redphoenix3, Jun 14, 9:33am
+1 i have seen so many near misses there already

lil_tarnz, Jun 14, 12:57pm
aww no! what areas that? you should just move them away and see if anyone does them back LOL

astrophe, Jun 4, 3:44pm
+2 I had to stop behind someone who parked (outside the clearway times) which meant I had to wait for a gap in the other lane to be able to continue.

That's stupid.

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