OT - Pronto Nachos re opened anywhere?

rcomms, Jan 22, 10:50pm
Hi All, anyone know if Pronto Nachos that was in New Regent street pre quakes re opened any where?

craftylady1, Jan 23, 1:44am

rcomms, Jan 23, 3:31am
I did google and saw that. Was hoping they maybe opened under a new name or he went on to work at another food outlet. Really miss his food =(

gypsy271, Jan 24, 10:47am
Sorry cant answer your question but Pepe's at northwood is really yum. don't go to the upper riccarton one its dirty, messy and yuk lol

b-rowdy, Feb 3, 11:19am
OMG the liquid cheese sauce pump thing (Im so excited I cant find the words) I used to go so often when I was younger with a friend, he always cheesed the hell out of our nachos, oh my mouth is watering now!

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