leanz1, Feb 27, 8:55pm
Good Morning everyone, I know this is not 'Recovery Related' But in the great Christchurch spirit we all know and love maybe we can help this school out. I have just been on to enter code and they are 22 behind.

URGENT! Marshland School in Prestons Rd Christchurch is one of two schools in NZ fighting to win $5000 on the Weetbix vote4schools competition, "medium schools" category. They only have until midnight Saturday night and would truly appreciate your true Cantabrian support! The other school is from the North Island. Please would you check under your weet-bix box lid for a special code and enter it online! Let's give them some South Island support Canterbury!

lankylass, Feb 27, 10:01pm
It might be better if you put this in the General thread. I would help but I don't eat Weetbix. I buy Vitabrits as they have less sugar in them. But good luck with the competition.

chrisandco, Feb 27, 11:20pm
parenting might be a good one to put it on as well. as long as the people in second place dont get the same idea ;)

mbos, Feb 28, 4:48am
Got one - will do!

cybernan2, Feb 28, 6:03am
voted twice :) Says they are first now

nelliemac, Feb 28, 10:09am
Thank you so much if anyone has any more we have 40 minutes till it closes.

leanz1, Mar 1, 11:36am
thankyou for your support, Marshland WON!

marsmoontrademe, Jan 10, 10:46am
That's great

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