Found BMX bike.

susense, May 5, 6:45am
Saw it this morning on way to work, still there this evening.
Well loved yellow Ballistics BMX, the front forks are a different colour. :)

xmakara, May 5, 6:50am
Is it rusty? I know my bike got stolen a while ago.

susense, May 5, 6:55am
Bit of rust has been well used.

xmakara, May 5, 7:16am
I should have a look actually. >_>

My bike was admittedly useless as the brakes jam, but it would be nice to get it back.

trade4us2, May 5, 7:27am
I found a 10-speed hidden in trees. I gave it to the cops. It was not claimed, so I got it back and gave it to a needy family.

susense, May 5, 7:41am
What colour forks? Could solve it.

ttaotua1, May 5, 8:05am
my workmates mountain bike got stolen correct me if im wrong, chancery hotel? apparently this person would had to walk up a long drive way.

susense, May 5, 8:22am
Parklands area in one of the little parks I walk through.

xmakara, Dec 1, 6:08pm
Never mind. I looked up Ballistics BMX, and they are a bit of a different shape.

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