Fancy place to stay for 1-2 nights not too far

jane310567, May 2, 10:11pm
from CHCH(2 ppl), Queens Birthday? Any reviews?

shakirafan, May 3, 12:09am
Terrace Downs.

craftylady1, May 3, 12:16am
Where you can find a place that has accommodation available

nzkea1, May 3, 2:06am
from CHCH(2 ppl), Queens Birthday? Any reviews? I have just sent you an email :O)

jenny253, May 3, 2:55am
Quickenberry Lodge near Terrace Downs

oxie2, May 3, 4:12am
Breaker Lodge at Hamner Springs.

survivalkiwi, May 3, 5:01am
Today I read about a lovely place at Swannanoa called Tawse Manor.
It looks very luxurious and they give a lot of extras.

tawera_moeke, May 3, 5:06am
breakfree on cashel

tiny15, May 3, 5:10am
^^^^ only $40 per head, includes nibbles on arrival too- bargain!
and onsite parking

craftylady1, May 3, 7:34am
Haha. I read about that

antonios1, May 3, 7:53am
Isn't there an upmarket B & B out Leeston/Springston way?

bosch2006, May 3, 8:01am

jane310567, May 3, 8:47am
Tawse is probs not us but thanks anyway - lol.

lil_tarnz, May 3, 8:57am
braemar lodge hanmer

annandale akaroa

st moritz hanmer

jane310567, May 3, 9:02am
annandale - akaroa - wow look at the prices -
Too fancy for us.

lil_tarnz, May 3, 9:23am
but look how pretty it is! :P

corkranb, May 3, 10:00am
Yeah all you can eat for $40 is a good deal.

ferrarigirl, May 3, 10:29am
There is a place that has luxury covered wagons near chch. Haven't been have heard it's really nice if that's your thing. Wagon stays at kirwee

brightlights60, May 3, 11:18am
They have a special on for Queens Birthday Weekend. Penicillin shots are free.

survivalkiwi, Dec 3, 9:59am
How can you be so sure? Or have you been there?

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