Kwila decks in christchurch

clarkhill, Sep 1, 12:43am
New to christchurch and thinking about putting in a hardwood deck rather than concrete patio. I was wondering what feedback is on how good kwili deckiing looks say 5 years down the line from being installed. Also if they cope with canterbury climate well, what kinda maintenance schedule you would recommend eg. how often to oil. thanks

kew, Sep 1, 1:11am
I have just been through this exercise and ended up discounting Kwila. You can't install Kwila over (or even close to) concrete as the Kwila will bleed for the first few months and it will stain anything that it comes in contact with. As for oiling, I have tried this in the past myself, once using Tongue Oil and then again using Trip Trap (a Danish oil), however if the deck is in the sun, you wont stop it turning silvery grey.

I have ended up going with a product called Inex. It is a fibrous cement type board (140 x 19 x 2700) very similar to Linea weatherboards which can be stained any colour you want. What sold me on the idea was apart from wanting a Jarrah finish that stayed Jarrah, I had also stayed at a few resorts in Asia where this type of product was widely used around swimming pools and general walkways and it actually looked and performed really well.

But to answer your other question, timber decking performs very well here in Christchurch.

clarkhill, Sep 1, 1:23am
thanks kew, that is interesting. How did the cost compare between kiwila and inex per m2?

mm12345, Sep 1, 1:57am
There are other hardwoods with similar (or better) durability than kwila, but which don't bleed as much (vitex, purpleheart etc).

jane310567, Sep 1, 2:43am
we have got an eco-deck - 5 yrs old now and looks like new. Was quite expensive initially.

clarkhill, Sep 1, 3:55am
thanks guys but I am trying to get a comparison with costs as well with say the inex and say the eco-deck.

jane310567, Sep 1, 4:46am

edbabynz, Sep 1, 5:01am
We used decking tiles from freedom furniture and they turned out awesome.

jane310567, Sep 1, 5:10am
oh clarkhill , if you are looking at timber - I heard on talkback the other day that the experts recommend pine decks in CHCH rather than hardwood. I'm sorry I can't remember why.

tygertung, Sep 1, 5:49am
No wood exposed to the sun will not go silvery grey. If you want to have the wood finish you'll have to sand it back again every time it weathers. Marine varnish will prolong that period but that will also peel off. You'd want to install the decking timber with the smooth side up for ease of sanding. Might not be too much of a nightmare using a belt sander with a coarse grit on.

david_270, Sep 1, 6:03am
We have kwila. I try to oil once a year, its not difficult using a pole.
A previous Kwila deck we had settled down after 4 coats.
The neighbours have a Kwila deck in a very sun exposed place, put in 3 years ago, and it has silvered very nicely. In a damp/shaded place perhaps not so nice.

brightlights60, Sep 1, 9:58am
We put it down in the 1980's when it was first out. Unfortunately we put it grooved side up, which you are not supposed to do, this caused it to fill with water and ice over in Winter, it was like an ice rink. We installed it fairly tight, so it didn't shrink too much. Still looked good when we moved 9 years later. We didn't do any maintenance as we had a pergola over the top, but it did fade to a nice grey and looked good. In this house, been here 17 years and we put down pine decking which has not lasted and doesn't look a fraction as good as the Kwila at the other house. We have replaced some areas with exposed agregate concrete and that looks fab.

bkw, Sep 1, 6:19pm
thanks guys for feedback. dont mind if decking goes grey, just dont want it to split or cup. area involved is about 50m2 so dont want to get it wrong!

tygertung, Sep 1, 6:50pm
I have heard- you may wish to do some research into it- that kwila may be unsustainably logged. Could be something to investigate further.

katalin2, Sep 3, 8:26pm
One of the reasons we put in Kwila exactly 5 yerars ago that our research showed it was sustainably logged and provided living to small vilages. We oiled it twice before the extensive decks around the house were constructed, and nothing further and it wore well, with daily use. We have just had earthquake repairs completed and as the decks had dropped and needed to be re levelled, they waterblasted it for us and we are about to re oil it. Our lovely builder said it should be oiled every year which we will do. In our last house we put in pine decks and the kwila looks and wears better, but the pine decks are still functioning 20 years later and look ok.

bkw, Sep 4, 1:44am
thanks for that katalin2

darlene, Sep 4, 10:23am
Hi, What firm did you purchase the Inex product through? What was the cost? Thanks

katalin2, Sep 4, 7:30pm
Yes kwila does turn silvery grey in the sun eventually, but that is part of its beauty for us as it blends in with the colour the hebel panels of the house have been painted.

skipper42, Jun 7, 3:31pm
In reality there is very little reason to install a hardwood deck over a softwood deck in a residential situation. Even crappy tanalised pine will last 12 to 15 years with no worries at all if installed correctly. Alot of the decks I have built for customers we have used Larch decking. my own decks are all Larch decking over Oregon joists/bearers. Alot cheaper than pine and no chemical treatments.

Just my tuppence worth

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