Internet provider for Spencerville

horsecrazyme, Jul 11, 6:19am
Hi all, what internet providers would you recommend? We are moving to Spencerville next week :)

fordy1110, Jul 12, 5:24am
im with sling shot.
maybe you could try them, or flip. vodafone?

but mind you i'm in north beach.
try writing this under the general. :)

jonners2013, Jul 12, 8:21am
doesn't matter what suburb you're in. if ADSL is available, it's available and there will be any number of suppliers you could use.

i have flip. $60 per month including phone line with free local and national calls.

horsecrazyme, Jul 14, 2:05am
Thank you so much :)

jamie2016, Jan 9, 1:36pm
I went with Vodafone RBI (rural broadband initiative) on a 50gb plan with a bonus 50gb for free between 1100pm and 0600am and it cost me $110 per month . the thing I loved about the unit and service was it's completely mobile and operates from a 12v power supply so it would be perfect for the campervan/caravan or motor home setup

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