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atlantis3, Feb 20, 6:58pm
When I phoned to get a booking for my son so as to get his restricted licence here in ChCh the wait time was 6 weeks (did book this a couple of weeks ago) The waiting time is ridiculous.
So if you need to do this I would suggest you get in early.

pettal, Feb 20, 8:13pm
try ashburton or rangiora .

melp6, Feb 20, 8:18pm
There was an article in the Herald I think yesterday saying that the next available booking is in April For some regions

melcraig, Feb 20, 11:56pm
What a pathetically long wait! Sometimes it's hard to believe we're a first world country.

martin11, Feb 21, 12:44am
Do not forget NZDL the current testing agency finishes on the 1st May and VTNZ take over . Probably NZDL are on the winding up phase ?

jane310567, Feb 21, 12:54am
Ashburton is the way to go!

astrophe, Feb 21, 2:12am
There's an AA desk in rolleston. Do they do it?

jodlbauer, Feb 21, 2:39am
Think they only do learners in rolly. Go for ashburton - much nicer driving down there.

jostheboss, Feb 21, 10:55am
Where in Rangiora please?

martin11, Feb 21, 7:17pm
The AA in Flaxton Rd Behind Z fuel

spead, Feb 21, 8:01pm
same issue there.

jostheboss, Feb 22, 4:16am
Ok, thanks for the info.

mackboy, Feb 23, 8:50am
That might be because so many testers are being made redundant in chch on 1 may that they are moving on to new jobs before then.
Suggest booking on line on Friday evenings.

brokebloke1, Mar 2, 4:51am
yes you do my son booked his full license and waiting time in Chch is 8 weeks for full. and he had to pay there and then

mackboy, Mar 4, 6:15am
Pretty sure there are tests available within two weeks.
If you need to sit urgently phone NZTA every day until you get a result.

urbanrefugee54, Mar 4, 6:51am
unfair that you should fully pay for a service you might not be able to obtain. especially if you get sick or cannot attend.

mackboy, Mar 4, 4:43pm
All you do is phone NZTA, explain what has happened and most times they will rebook you.
If you make an appointment with a lawyer or any other professional and find you can't make it, you phone to reschedule don't you?

martin11, Mar 4, 6:37pm
There is a large lack of testers in Canterbury area at present due to the change over and a lot leaving from NZDL . Perhaps when VTNZ take over in about 8 weeks times will gradually improve for bookings .

iamkat, Mar 4, 6:42pm
My boy did his in Ashburton - he missed it the first time and we rebooked there straight away and were able to get in exactly a week later - but if you do get there a couple of hours early and drive the area a bit so they are a bit more familiar with the area - thats where my boy came unstuck the first time.

robyn35, Mar 4, 7:54pm
i asked this question on Monday and was told wait time was currently about 2 weeks in chch

cassina1, Mar 5, 12:01am
Maybe the waiting time is longer now as so many more are failing and booking retests too.

likit, Mar 5, 1:24am
Have put my 4 boys through a driving school as they know the course the testers take & they all passed first time. Some people think it is their god dam right to have a licence & don't realize they have to earn it with a bit of hard work, it is recommended you do 120 hours driving before hand.

mackboy, Mar 5, 5:19am
From what I've heard from vtnz tester applicants, it's not worth getting out of bed for what they are offering pay wise.
They don't get paid for training either.
4 weeks without pay while training, ironic that one reason Nzdl lost contract was pay rate to testers.
Chch has a 2 week wait time at present.
Only one Nzdl tester has left since Xmas and there are 2 new ones testing.
The test is about basics. Do them well and you will pass.
Lots of first timers pass. They have done the time and had professional training.

martin11, Mar 5, 7:07pm
Pay rates with NZDL were lousy and the training was very poor definitely not professional . Did not train on many of the jobs requirements . Hope VTNZ is better depends on the people in control of it .
The only people in NZDL who were making any reasonable money were the top level who did no testing and the directors .

mackboy, Mar 6, 6:36am
Who do you think is going to make the money from vtnz testing.
Won't be testing staff.
Will be a certain company in Europe beginning with D.
Do you honestly think you can train a tester and get certified in 4 weeks.
Then no backup except for an 0800 number.
Good luck with that.
Only thing changing is going from small monopoly to big monopoly.
Well done NZTA.
There were alternatives that were excluded early that offered better value at less cost to taxpayers.
I don't think existing testers will be in a hurry to sign up for less than they getting now.

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