Bambi Drapery

Hi. is this shop on Glouster street still in business? Are they still in the old house next to the bakery or have they moved to their new premises where they used to be? I tried ringing them today and the phone kept cutting out. TIA

lotsofmoney, Sep 23, 11:16 pm

i was in and out of there quickly a few weeks ago, all seemed good.

lambrat, Sep 24, 6:32 am

I drove past in wknd & they were still in old house.

granny98, Sep 24, 7:16 am

They told me they were going to stay in the old house and not go to the new shop where they used to be.

tobie2, Sep 24, 8:59 am

Cool thanku

lotsofmoney, Sep 24, 3:29 pm

still there. staying in old house

kids4ever, Sep 24, 4:02 pm

where they use to be is a restaurant going in, due to open, I love the old house, they have it so nice

kids4ever, Sep 24, 4:04 pm

I went to Bambi Drapery today for the first time at the old house. What a fantastic set up.

judith98, Mar 26, 2:39 am

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