Dogs kill 20 sheep

garryb, Jul 13, 8:12am
Off topic I know but if you see any stray dogs about or your dog's look like they have been up to no good, please contact animal control and the Police. Would hate for this to happen again.

lambrat, Jul 13, 9:59am
so sad :(
those dogs wil do it again, hope they are identified.

golfaholic2, Jul 13, 8:40pm
Nothing a bullet wont stop

morganville, Jul 13, 9:23pm
Its not the dogs fault, the owners are to blame. These dogs WILL probably get put down, all because of USELESS owners. They should be dealt with, not the dogs.

bosch2006, Jul 13, 11:10pm
It might not be dogs. its funny how all these attacks happen at night.

morganville, Jul 13, 11:41pm
True bosch2006, there are some disgusting ones out there, could make it look like it was dogs. Hope the police think of that.

mm12345, Jul 14, 4:17am
Two dogs shot, owners identified, enforcement action being taken against them:
Unclear at this stage if they were the same dogs as in the other attack, but it was nearby - so may have been.

twelve12, Jul 14, 4:28am
Poor pooches and poor sheep.

palmetto, Jul 14, 4:55am
There is a lot of 4 legged dogs that are own by 2 legged dogs as well out there.

marte, Jul 18, 10:30am
Poor sheep and poor farmer.
F the dogs, thats why farmers have guns.
If they didn't have the problem with dogs they probably wouldn't have guns.
Its every farmers worst nightmare.

@ $200 a sheep, thats $4000. Do we think the dog owners gonna pay for that? And the lost breeding sheep too.

And they owner? Where were they? They know that they must keep their dogs under control at all times. So they must have been watching the dogs do this and were quite happy for it to happen.

Did the dog stop after one sheep?, nah

And people wonder why that guy stabbed a wild dog to death after it killed a
their pet bunny rabbit.
Good on him.

golfaholic2, Dec 20, 3:42pm
Problem with killing a dog "after" it killed a pet , it that the right to kill exists WHILE the attack is happening .

But I agree with you . done it once , wont do it again

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