Felt that.

first for a while

mm12345, Oct 1, 12:37 pm

yes a wee one

harrislucinda, Oct 1, 4:24 pm

Did anybody else feel a shudder around 4am this morning, 1st October. The movement woke me up.

lankylass, Oct 2, 1:23 pm

Certainly did it was quite a jolt here in bishopdale gave the house a good creak.

fostey1, Oct 2, 1:36 pm

No, but they don't always seem to get logged, I've felt a couple over the last few weeks but their not logged on quake live, so must be small and very near my house, I know the difference between them and a bus truck etc, so you may have felt one but it's not logged

nz_nicola, Oct 2, 2:04 pm

There's nothing showing on the McQueen's Valley drum to indicate that there was a quake at 4am this morning.

mm12345, Oct 2, 6:16 pm

Nah. If it ain't reported, it weren't a quake.

There can be any number of reasons your house gives a shake. From wind and the aforementioned trucks, to other things that make the ground wobble.

So no report = not an earthquake. Something else.

astrophe, Oct 2, 9:39 pm

I disagree, I know an earth quake when I feel one and I wasn't the only one here that felt it

nz_nicola, Oct 3, 8:36 am

Anyone else feel the one last night? It was only 2 odd ks from my place and rattled the doors, seem to be a few happening lately

nz_nicola, Oct 3, 8:39 am

yes i've felt more than one in the last couple of weeks, where the house definately creaked & rattled a little. no traffic passing to let me think its not a quake.

its been blissfully quiet here for several weeks, especially at night, with one way traffic only because of major roadworks, and buses re-routed away from here too. so absolutely nothing to hit the sinkage in the road that made the house rattle before

lambrat, Mar 4, 2:12 am

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