So Lancaster Park can be fixed

slimgym, Apr 27, 2:46pm
do we fix it or wait for the govt to build us another stadium.
The mayor said the insurance words weren't helpful telling us this, why not, I feel we should have all the facts. This council is hiding things from us I think that's unhelpful. I know we will not be asked to have any part in the decision making process but we should still know the facts on why the council is wasting so much money on things that they don't need too. eg Victoria Square, I mean why fix something that isn't broke, especially when they are asking us to pay more rates and want to sell off assets

slimgym, Apr 27, 10:42pm
thanks I wondered why nobody had brought it up thanks again

william1980, Dec 6, 2:18am
The council isn't funding the Victoria Square revamp. CERA is.

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