Where to buy spouting?

goatchickens, May 1, 3:15am
OK, probably a dumb question, I know, but where does one buy this? We need to get some up on our barn ASAP, as the last heavy rains pointed out the areas are are too low and have water flowing off the huge roof and straight into the barn. Would also be nice to be able to collect it for use when it's dry! Ta.

fineo, May 1, 5:09am
Google is your one stop shop for info.Pages of places to sort through from DIY ,plastic ,through to new continuous run

ebeater, May 1, 5:38am
yellow pages too

poppysinger2, Dec 4, 5:00pm
Why not get some recycled spouting from one of the demo companies like Musgroves or Sopers etc? I would imagine there is heaps about from all the houses that have been pulled down post EQ .

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