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si50, Dec 25, 12:41am
Earlier this year a woman with really bad teeth and a with a kiddie in a pram, was asking for bus money at the Ballantynes Lichfield st car park. Some sob story about a sick boyfriend and needing to get to Rangiora or Kaiapoi. anyway ,she's back! Same place, no kid this time, and now the story is about a sick sister or something. I tried to help her last time by getting a bus ticket for her, but she only wanted money. When I reminded her of this today, she yelled at me and called me names. I did wonder if I should report her to the police, but figured they have enough to do.

thebuzzyone, Dec 25, 12:50am
Think I encountered this woman at the South City carpark last weekend. I just told her I knew she was a scammer and to go away. and she did.

ford04, Dec 25, 1:03am
definately phone them, people will feel sorry for her but in fact she is just ripping honest people off.

ford04, Dec 25, 1:06am
by the way, I came to your city in March and I must say I have never met such a lot of lovely and friendly people, I will definately be coming down there again
next year.

Merry Christmas

tokyo_rose, Dec 25, 6:29am
Look if you dont help her, She will blame the sallies for not having xmas handouts. lol

20084, Dec 25, 6:38am
Tell her to P-Off

oxie2, Dec 25, 6:48am
She was at Northwoods last week.

morgsrocks, Dec 25, 7:03am
shes always @ northwood sad cow deserves a smack in the head !

doggybear, Dec 25, 7:23am
She lives in Kaiapoi. I've seen her a lot at Northlands and South City Mall and the reason she doesn't have her 2 year old son with her is because about 6 months ago I was on the Rangiora bus into town and she was on with her son in a pushchair. anyway myself and my daughter watched her assault her son all the way from Belfast into the exchange. When we got to the exchange the Police were there talking to someone else, so I got off the bus and told them about what I'd seen. they arrested her, interviewed me for an hour and CYPS took the child off her. I've seen her a few times since and she recognises me but I couldn't give a crap. she's a worthless piece of sh*t!

martiantripod, Dec 25, 7:51am
good on ya for reporting the cow

martiantripod, Dec 25, 7:57am
there's a stinky guy kind of wears a blanket, he's been claims his wife and daughter are in a stranded car and could I lend him some petrol money, 3 times over 5 years he's randomly asked me, kind of feel sorry about his stranded family

and then there are the snotty kids asking for bus fare (i.e. cigarette money) grrrrr

young1, Dec 25, 8:00am
I saw her at South City a couple of weeks ago and was about to give her some money until my wife who knew about the scam came over and told me . I must be as gullible as hell , I just believed her and didn't for a minute even consider I was being lied to

lm446, Dec 25, 8:15am
And a merry Christmas to you, mate

wrinkles7, Dec 25, 8:27am
These people disgust me.

therazor, Dec 25, 9:25am
Oh ffs! She's desperate. Why do you get off on being nasty about her?
You don't have to like her. You don't have to help her. Just tell me one thing? What should she do to survive? Not based on assumptions. Based on the woman you saw before you. Starve? Steal? And with regard to her bad teeth, many working people can't afford to get their's fixed, so for goodness sakes, how do you think she's going to get her's done? How about employment? Does she seem employable to you?
Best wishes for the holiday season to you all.

brightlights60, Dec 25, 11:34am
No, she is not desperate. She is a scam artist. You do know that some of these people can earn more in a day taking money off strangers because they are lying about their circumstances, than honest decent folk on low wages, working for a living? She is breaking the law, sounds like she doesn't deserve her children either if she is abusing one of them.

therazor, Dec 25, 12:45pm
You're missing my point by a huge margin. I'm sorry you don't get it but hey, that's okay if you want to blame the desperate for their circumstances when those who are scamming the world in much larger terms are knighted and patted on the back as if their approach is something we should all aspire to follow. Shame really. BTW, your last sentence: "She is breaking the law, sounds like she doesn't deserve her children either if she is abusing one of them." are just further evidence that you just want to rage on this woman. First off, please show me evidence that she is breaking the law. Secondly, you don't have any idea about her parenting by what you've written. "If" she is abusing one of them? What does that even mean? Of course no one should abuse their children. Stating the bleeding obvious, don't ya think? I haven't read anywhere that people are condoning the abuse of one's children and so your words appear to be obfuscating. As if things aren't crappy enough. Merry xmas. Let's hope that if she actually has children, that they both have a great day, as well as her.

brokebloke1, Dec 25, 6:15pm
bewared this same lady was at the Hornby mall on Monday trying the same scam, we said no to her and got a heap of abuse, when I told her to "F**FF she just about threw a punch , security told her to go , we followed her and she got into a blue late model holden commodore driven by a male.
Yea she needs the money NOT!
shes just a scammer full stop.

devine-spark, Dec 25, 6:55pm
Possible drug addict needing money to get drugs?
Fits bill of P user, and that could explain teeth too. Erratic state could mean she could lash out.
Just be careful folk. Leave her alone unless she is breaking the law, and certainly don't give her money.

astrophe, Dec 25, 9:05pm
YOU don't get it.

She isn't "desperate".

She's ripping people off and probably living quite well on it. Easier than working.

She's a con and a thief and a scumbag. Not a desperate person just trying to put food on her table.

nabbed, Dec 25, 9:53pm
and a child abuser, she probably only had it to get a bene, or money from the poor farther

teamgjt, Dec 26, 8:08am
Who assaulted her child? No sympathy here.

neko555, Dec 26, 8:55am
She approached me at the palms carpark around 3 weeks ago too. I had read about her in tm thread ages ago so didn't give her any money

ally-oop, Dec 26, 9:53am
Just like she did with her teeth-ignore her and she'll go away.

ally-oop, Dec 26, 9:58am

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