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junie2, Dec 26, 10:42am
I've seen her at it more than a few times too. It's hard to believe someone has to do this on a regular basis to survive. Personally I believe she does it to feed a drug habit ( or two ), so no, I don't give her money either. To answer the above question " what should she do to survive?" - I think she needs to clean herself up ( lots of do-gooders ready to assist with that ), think more about her responsibilities,( ie kids ) and get a job. Life might be tough for her and her family, but it's within her power to make it better. Bludging won't help in the long run.

therazor, Dec 26, 12:40pm
Excuse me? Why even bother commenting if that's all you've got? Merry xmas to all of you in your ivory tours. It's so easy for you lot to run this woman down but all I read is a lot, "I hears he's done this/on drugs/has a kid/neglected one of them" blah,blah,blah.

slimgym, Dec 26, 4:38pm
when you come across this woman I hope she turns toxic on you, I was on the phone to the police, when she verbally attacked me, the operator coundnt believe the language

astrophe, Dec 26, 7:05pm
Or even, maybe, just honestly beg? "I'm broke and my kids need food"? If someone is that hard up, just say so. The scam about needing a bus ticket is just a scam.

No sympathy at all for scammers.

jcmp21, Dec 26, 7:33pm
Why don't you go sort her out then and come back to us once she is working and supporting herself instead of attempting to defraud people?

ally-oop, Dec 26, 8:03pm
It's actually NOT "All i've got", it is, however, all you deserve.

lyndad59, Dec 26, 8:48pm
I saw her one day watching a couple at the ATM & the minute they got their money she walked over & started her "need money for bus fare etc " .They were not "of NZ descent " & English would have been their 2nd language ,I yelled don't give her any money it's a scam .She told me to F off ! She had asked me for money a few months earlier at Northlands.

mss2006, Dec 26, 8:52pm

suka, Dec 26, 9:12pm
Ho hum, Another day in paradise.

brightlights60, Dec 27, 4:48am
Whoa, what planet are you on? I have more sympathy and empathy for those who deserve it than a lot of people I know, but your post takes the quake. The woman is a scam artist, a master of foul language, known to the police and has ripped off many, many people, who probably cannot afford it. And you are telling people to have sympathy for her "plight"? So you know more about this individual's circumstances than anyone else? Please do enlighten us as to why we should be full of sympathy for her!

arvn, Dec 27, 5:19am
There's a woman similar to that, up our way. And when she doesn't get what she wants, she lets loose with the foulest language that I have ever heard coming out of an older woman's mouth.

They are just beggars! I don't give them a cent!

brightlights60, Dec 27, 5:21am
I just don't see why one poster thinks we should have all the sympathy in the world for this fraudster. There are far more deserving people who don't feel they need to commit a crime and rip people off.

arvn, Dec 27, 5:30am
Totally agree with you. I don't have any sympathy for them at all.

rav413, Dec 27, 6:53am
I wondered what had happened to her child when she approached me at Sth City a few weeks ago and am unsurprised at what happened. She's a mean looking dude and I tell her "yeah right" but do feel sorry for her. However you don't know when she will snap and it could be very ugly. Sort of like the woman who trespasses in schools around South Chch.

mikew, Dec 27, 7:26am
She's been at this game since the earthquakes. Approached us at the Rangiora (old) Countdown wanting bus money. I gave her $10, to be later told by our daughter we were had as all buses were running free of charge at that time.

justnewbie, Dec 27, 7:26am
i have never seen her, maybe im just one of the lucky ones

arvn, Dec 27, 8:03am
Sorry, but I have no sympathy for people that clearly feel the need to take other people's hard earned money.

There is absolutely no need for begging.

brightlights60, Dec 27, 8:03am
Could be the same woman, but around 10 years ago (we live on Main North Road) a women with a child in a stroller came up our driveway and said they had been to Northwood and needed bus money to get back over to Linwood. We thought it very odd and didn't give her anything. Her other half stood at the end of the driveway. We thought they could be casing the property. Never had anyone else do that.

aj.2., Dec 27, 8:15am
I too have had her come up to me at one of the malls, years ago and got a sad story needing money, I went down into the mall, and spoke to security staff, and he took off, saying she had been banned so thanked me for telling him.
The One that I fell sorry for is the Child, Hell what a up bringing.

lil_tarnz, May 9, 4:17pm
i bet you're the type of person that DOES give them money, thus encouraging this kind of behaviour. there is a job out there for every type of person and theres a thing called minimum wage.if she would rather scam than earn a decent living then she deserves no sympathy or empathy whatsoever.

usualsuspect, Jan 2, 2:09am
'poor father' HAH you mean some random who was more interested in getting his leg over than being responsible and using protection. 'poor father' indeed. you make it sound like its okay if he doesnt support his own child. **rolls eyes in wonder at the logic of it all**

raven71, Jan 2, 7:21am
I would never give any money to these bludgers. It only encourages them to keep bludging.

nabbed, Jan 2, 10:04am
'poor' Father for having a child with her being the 'poor kids ' mother

tahlee21, Jan 2, 2:34pm
This woman lives in Kaiapoi. She is married to a low life and is the father to the boy. They live in one of what I call bad streets of Kaiapoi. I know who she is and the family and I can tell you none of them are good. They are bad news, Trust me just stay away from her

si50, Jan 2, 2:40pm
I, and others have tried to help her, but in the end, she's always back where she starts, and what's worse is that she lies. So really, my post originally was just to warn people not to waste time or money on her, as it doesn't help.

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