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david_270, Jan 7, 1:32am
Go Pip ! Very well said.

Transcript available on TC3 FB.

david_270, Jan 8, 11:07pm, Jan 9, 7:41pm
I cash settled at $15,000 lower than my builder estimates, and have been told I can put an application in if anything is more expensive than they have paid out for, or if we find further damage once we start working. Fingers crossed they mean it.

lambrat, Jan 9, 9:22pm
i am quoting their own research which, being insurance companies, means its pretty thorough.
There are a couple of holes in your reply . think about it. you need to take into account many driveway payments were after the first quake & johnkey saying nobody will be worse off, and insurers weren't expecting any further big quakes. i'm not saying some shouldn't have taken the payments, but in many cases those existing cracks might've been opened up way further than pre-quake.
Regarding your borer/roughcast point. its also a fairly safe bet many homeowners who did that were not still the owners of that property at the time of these quakes because, in my experience, people often did that when they were looking to sell their homes.
I'm only blabbing about this because from toddler upwards i trundled all over the wellington area with my mum, who was a rather successful real estate agent in the 60s, she never even used business cards. i clearly remember being given one of her first and only ones made when parents returned from a 3month 1967 trip to japan, where she'd had some made on what looked very much like wood, believe it or not. and of course being a kid i tested that. the darn thing snapped when i tried to bend it. thanks to her and my curious nature i learned quite a lot about real estate buying and selling, which she did first in welly and then hamilton, right up to my mid-teens.

si50, Jan 10, 7:07am
finally moving out of the house that was deemed a re-build in March of 2011, moving to a rental while our new house is built. Been told a 42 week build. Demo time on top of that. I'm not holding m breath, but hope it's not another disaster story about to unfold.

ju9, Jan 10, 9:50pm
I hope it goes well for you. FYI My Huntsbury rebuild is still dragging on. It looks like it will be a miracle if I am back in this year. Its got to go back to consents. so far been out of house 2 years. Site empty. Now looking for another rental as I have to move. sigh Good luck. I watch with interest.

david_270, Jan 14, 8:24am

david_270, Dec 7, 1:57am
I hope that everyone is either sorted, or is on the path to getting their claims resolved, but I know that many are still struggling.
If you have friends or family that are not sorted, then you may need to help or advise them. Its been a long time, and not going to get any better.
The "In The Know" Hub closes for good on the 17th December: Cancern winds up at the end of the year. An invaluable source of info and help for many. The Statute of Limitations (SoL)will start to kick in later next year. Anyone who has not resolved or settled their insurance claims needs to be well aware of the deadline that their insurance company will be watching closely. They will apply it, unless forced not to.

Merry Christmas.

articferrit, Dec 7, 4:30am
I would like to thank you david_270 for always being positive and helpful every time I have seen anything you have posted on here. We finally cash settled last week and I still dont know if I feel relieved or more worried than ever, but at least were getting somewhere, and anyone who is still stuck has my utmost sympathy. Thank you.

honest-reliable, Dec 7, 5:08am
how about people whose homes have not been repaired yet? How can they put a deadline date into action if these homes have not been started and what if there are issues with these homes?

david_270, Dec 7, 5:23am
There is a chance that EQC won't enforce the SOL, but every chance that IC's will enforce it. They don't actually have to put anything in to action. Its just no longer their problem.
And the government won't be interested.
(and thanks articferrit )

sledrunner, Dec 7, 9:02am
Got overcapped from EQC to AAI a couple of months ago. AAI have declined our request to extend the cutoff date under the statute of limitations. Be careful out there people, monsters really do exist.

cassina1, Dec 7, 11:02pm
Maybe an option for you would be to threaten to sue them for breach of contract if they do not settle with you before their expiry date. You would need to seek legal advise on this course of action.

david_270, Dec 10, 4:51am
IC's are fairly thick skinned re legal threats.
You need to actually file in court before the SOL applies.
If not, then its all over. Claim closed.

david_270, Dec 15, 6:00am
Believe Brownlee and the Insurance Council at your peril. They are not claimants friends.

jkp58, Dec 15, 6:16am
some of you are trying to get to much out of eqc and insurance hence you haven't been able to move on I hope your fight is worth the trouble .

lambrat, Dec 15, 7:03am
is that right, you know it all do you.
i could go into detail but no, its not worth it for the likes of your comment, which is indicative of ignorance and, dare i say it, even a bit of nutjob//prejudice.

pezarointeriors, Dec 15, 7:04am
Both cases I have been involved with have indeed been worth the trouble thank you. I think that your comment shows a total lack of understanding. These types of comments are normally made by either renters or rebuild workers. Most people that fight EQC win. Why do you think that is?

jkp58, Dec 15, 7:35am
some of us rebuild workers have been in your homes well before the earthquakes and know that some so called earthquake damage was pre existing you just didn't notice now you see all.

jkp58, Dec 15, 7:38am
some of us rebuild workers have been in your homes well before the earthquakes and know that some so called earthquake damage was pre existing you just didn't notice now you see all. I know thats not all cases

sledrunner, Dec 15, 7:48am
Interestingly I tried to post a message on comments section of the linked stuff article warning how AAI had declined our request for a statute of limitation extension date as we had only recently been transferred from EQC. This post was not allowed by stuff. Be careful out there people.

pezarointeriors, Dec 15, 8:10am
Certainly not been in my home jkp58 and I had a property report from just prior to the earthquakes. However you have now confirmed that you are indeed a rebuild worker. Therefore unlikely to have much idea as to the contractual obligations of both EQC and insurers.

articferrit, Dec 15, 8:45am
I thought I was over the worst of it but - I became an expert on PS4's today, and the engineer actually laughed when I told him EQC has accepted damage to 1 of our retaining walls but the other 9 all have 'historic damage not attributable to the earthquakes', its amazing how selective earthquakes are! (roll on xmas!)

buyit59, Dec 15, 8:54am
. Some of you rebuild workers have done very poor work . some of you have stolen property from homes you have worked on. some of you have lied about your work. See its very easy to generalise on the message board aint it ? Too all those still waiting for repairs or proper compensation please do have a Merry Christmas . And thanks David270 for all your valuable input

shells76, Dec 15, 8:56am
Keep up the good work David

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