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calista, Feb 28, 8:57am
I am careful to ensure I always have at least an extra weeks supply of all my medication. I was about to go to the chemist's when the earth moved. I also keep the top of the blister pack the medication came in as I used this to get an emergency supply before I could get to a doctor. The medical centre I use was closed for a while and my usual chemist at the time has still not reopened.

grad111, Feb 28, 9:06am
yea its a must kit for anywhere in nz , more so in christchurch ,and yes heaps of water , there was a saying years ago too have enough for 2 days , well when the quakes happen i lived in hard hit area and my 1st services that came back on was my power and that was on day 42 afterwards the quake and wasn't though the normal power wires it was by a Generator that was hocked into Community power . water was about day 57 same for other services .

i have over 150lts of water stored and change it every 3 wks .

coralsnake, Feb 28, 9:11am
When I lived in California, one of my jobs was working for a HVAC mechanical engineer/expert witness. In our storage room, he had stored emergency supplies enough for a week or more.

He had a pallet of sealed water bottles supplied by the company who supplied our water cooler bottles that were marked with indefinite expiry date labels.

Have often wondered why these aren't available in NZ!

ferrarigirl, Feb 28, 9:50am
Yikes! That's awful! I can't imagine what it was like for those in the East and the hardest hit areas. You are all amazing to have survived with your sanity intact!

gaspodetwd, Feb 28, 9:58am
Everyone was told not to flush. Everyone was told to restrict movement and to prioritise sanitation. All people were told to boil water before any use. Yet some people ignored this. Many people don't realise that historically, outbreaks of certain nasty diseases are common after major earthquakes. It was blind luck that no such outbreaks occurred.

landylass, Feb 28, 10:04am
I think you are all amazing. While we felt them down here it was nothing. I cant begin to imagine what you went thru with all the aftershocks in those first few weeks, especially trying to sleep at night with stretched nerves.

2603962, Mar 2, 9:48am
yep i have one

devine-spark, Mar 2, 11:14am
Yes, and I must refresh the water - thanks for the reminder.

zoopa, Mar 2, 9:45pm
You won't need to 'refresh' your waters so often if you put a few drops of bleach in in. Mine is still good enough to drink after 2 years. I also left one of those out in the sun for a few weeks. Nothing grew in it. Makes for less work overall, and less tipped water.

Before someone throws up their hands in horror (yes, it has happened on the MB about bleach in drinking water, it is actually recommended practise.

nanske, Mar 2, 10:26pm
Spot on.
Budget bleach was recommended a few years ago, 1 teaspoon per litre of water.
I changed mine about a month ago and agree after two years without refreshing it still looked drinkable, no bugs or growth.
I have two 72 litre cheap round plastic containers that I brought from the warehouse, the ones with lids and I secure the lid down nice and tight with plastic over the top fixed down with masking tape round and round so no little buggy's can get in.

usualsuspect, Jan 9, 6:13pm
yes even have the makings of an outside toilet and a popup tent now. will never be without a kit of some sort. I dont think anyone in NZ should be without a basic kit.

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