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landylass, Feb 27, 6:20pm
Just wondering, got family shifting to Chch. Thought it was something i could start putting together for them. .

golfr, Feb 27, 6:29pm
Still have water stashed in the shed. Change it every three months. The last EQC person who came to do yet another inspection remarked on why we should still be storing water this long after the quakes. He seems to think there is no need to do this anymore. I feel better knowing its there so it will stay

gaspodetwd, Feb 27, 6:35pm
Yes. After what we all went through, you be an idiot not to. My guess is the newbies haven't - but nor do they know the truth about what happened, the extent of the damage city-wide and the hidden dangers still around.

thebuzzyone, Feb 27, 8:18pm
We keep many items nearby. The main difference is that many things are not just out on a bench - they are put in a drawer (torches in every room for example. not obvious to the casual visitor but still there somewhere).

lambrat, Feb 27, 8:22pm
yes, definately.
still have the emergency supplies, just not as much drinkable water at the moment . plenty for washing/cleaning up though, if the non skid mats on the pantry shelves and kitchen cupboards can't hold the contents back again, or the still unrepaired lathe & plaster walls and ceilings make another big mess.

poppysinger2, Feb 27, 8:25pm
Yes , was just looking through the grab it and run basket thinking it was time to replace some of the tins . I think I will always be ready now for the rest of my life after living through that . no running water for 5 months , no power for over 3 weeks . It DOES change the way you think . I also have a cash stash and petrol just in case . Always keep the car at least half full of gas too and plenty of water stored .

blueskyday, Feb 27, 8:52pm
yes. definitely needed

chatsmom, Feb 27, 9:11pm
Yes, and I still have smaller ones in the family cars.

adnil3, Feb 27, 9:17pm
every household in nz should have one. no one is exempt from a natural or manmade disaster.

landylass, Feb 27, 10:54pm
thanks. We have one of sorts as well, but I know you cantabs have been really well organised.

chrisandco, Feb 27, 11:19pm
yes but I guess Im more relaxed about it than I was straight after, I know where the torches are in drawers & still have a lot stashed around the house but don't have them out everywhere anymore. Water def still have, & everything else we need still have.

kiwicarol, Feb 28, 2:14am
No. Never had one. I always have enough to get by and the usual basic needs anyway.

lmbyas, Feb 28, 2:30am
I have water stored in the garage and an emergency kit, water is very important to store, we used it only a few months ago when a water pipe burst in the street, we had no water for about 24 hours and were probably the only family that could flush the loo and have a coffee.

robyn35, Feb 28, 2:33am
i guess im an idiot cause i dont have one, never have. I do however have stored water, a pantry that always has a lot in it (enough to last probably two weeks without needing to shop) a chem loo, a bbq to cook on, camping gear but no actual emergency kit

2bit, Feb 28, 2:35am
Still sleep with a torch under the pillow. Probably always will. Have torches everywhere, important documents in one place, bigger stocks of tins and toilet paper, and always keep a full tank of petrol.

kids4ever, Feb 28, 3:03am
i was always ready, as my mother went through the 1931 Napier quake, so we were well educated on emergency supplies, I have always kept lemonade bottles full with water and replace the water every 2 weeks, have them in 2 places, kept on top of tin stuff and a box of emergency supplies, like plug in phone, torches,( beside bed and in lounge as well) candles & matches, battery lamps, medical supplies, note pad and pens. Um, can't remember off top off head what else, but well stocked and easy access to them, I remember my husband ( once he was able to get home 1 & 1/2 hours later with ding'd car, ), kick the door in as I had to climb out a window, he grabbed all the water and all the tins of bicuits and cakes, and put out on terrace. So they were handy at the time.

geoone, Feb 28, 4:45am
I make sure I have cash on hand now.

helen149, Feb 28, 4:50am
We keep containers of water in the freezer and have our emergency kit including clothes in an old fridge in a shed outside. If the house and shed falls down we think it would be easier to shift the rubble from the shed rather than the house. We rotate the food stuffs every once in a while.

honest-reliable, Feb 28, 5:17am
100% agree

mopar9, Feb 28, 5:46am
where in chch are they moving too

brightlights60, Feb 28, 7:27am
After the quakes we bought a caravan. As its always more or less ready to go, the contents are our emergency kit. We have 5 20L containers we bought after the quakes that we keep full of fresh water and a good supply of canned goods. Things are in different places, as the one thing we learned was that the quake doesn't damage evenly, and one place can be cut off. The torches all have fresh batteries and we always have a clear route from bed to door jam!

ferrarigirl, Feb 28, 7:36am
Yes! I worked in peoples homes around the 1.5-3.5 year period after the quakes and couldn't believe the amount of people that had nothing - not even a few bottles of water stored just in case.
Biggest thing for me is having at least 2 weeks worth of food (nothing fancy but enough), water, tent, torches, medications etc etc. as if it came down to it, I would rather be able to take care of the family in the backyard in a tent than go to a centre such as a school for emergency shelter/food. This because if you are living with lots of others in close quarters with limited hygiene facilities and 1 person gets sick - everyone gets sick! I would rather be prepared so we can look after ourselves. Nothing is fancy, budget brand tinned food etc but I could get 2 or 3 cans every shop for about 69c each, hygiene items that are on sale at the red shed, and gradually build up enough for all of us. I had nothing before the quakes and have slacked off a wee bit, but all of us NZ wide should have something prepared IMO. I have the majority stored at home, but also have a bag in the boot should I need to walk home in the event my car is damaged, roads are impassable - not much, just water, wee bit of food, dust mask, first aid kit, work gloves.

lambrat, Feb 28, 8:38am
none of the ningnongs with no useful gear who came to me empty-handed after the feb2011 quake needing basics like candles, dog food etc have accumulated anything since.
crikey, if we are all unfortunate enough that the alpine fault goes off in our lifetime i can't imagine what i will say if they show up again, lol

landylass, Feb 28, 8:39am
young newly weds heading to Addington. Shift is happening earlier than expected and an emergency kit is probably the last thing on their minds right at the moment as they are trying to get packed and move! Thats why I thought i would start putting the basics together.that they can add to. Thanks for you help.

southislandswim, Feb 28, 8:46am
The strangest thing I think we do since is whenever we go away out of christchurch. First thing in the bag is bedside torch or headlamp, and it sits beside the bed wherever we are staying. Funny how some things are a must now. But I also have one always have had mainly for power cuts etc

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